Ten Pound Note

Duah Francis

Copyright 2018 by Duah Francis

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Ten Pound note , something you need to know when I started to cash in paper notes all these niggas turn to hoes to dig inside my hole to fetch my euros . Whoa , how funny it was stepping on the floor with Air Force though our feet were sore even before reaching the store . Every month we made not less than $1000.000 after selling these tanks. Tanks, yes I did mention of that but not meaning tanks but scam that's how we confused the cops.


It was hard times when my dad failed to cover my school debts , it was always a bad scene when my name got mentioned among the students who failed to pay their bills.

Tough times didn't stop me from expressing my feelings for her, Jessica beautiful brown skin girl with a dimple not forgotten to mention her top performance in academics . She was my best female friend , after been trashed by our tutors she was the first person to motivate me by saying "Nothing in this world last forever, everything come and go in their own given time " . "Hans let's share my bowl" she called out my name whenever she's going for lunch. The intimacy between us grew and we started dating in our third year in high school. Dating Jessica the top class scorer was one thing I regretted doing in high school but as there was a saying " Don't give up on those you love. " I never backed off no matter what Mr.Blues did., Mr. Blues was one man who hated seeing us standing together in class and canteen for no tangible reason but thanks for Curtis who sorted things out with his famous name.

June 2015, I became high school graduate sharing the same room with his dad and young brothers , at of 17 I made plans on getting my own apartment and support my three brothers.

Even after having a promising dad ,who looked after us when our mum left us 14 years ago, life was hard and one thing he taught us "it's always bad to lie" but when we looked into the sky and there was no sign of hope coming from that side , family care nothing about us the young ones .


Curtis my high school mate sent me an invite to come to his house in the city , Curtis's family was financially stable but that didn't cease him from learning how to make money on the internet. Curtis has already bought himself a house under his father's name because he was under age and was afraid the cops would asked for his source of income which was very exceptional in our community to get a father to support such an illegal work . He gazed at my old sneakers , my short black jeans and the white turned creamy T-shirt and dropped 10 pound note on the centre table and said "as no one cares when you are poor do the same don't care for anyone when you become rich , the more you care the more people hurts you , do good with intention but not attention , keep distance from people who knows nothing about your life and always remember you are on your own."

I picked the 10 pound note and the pair of sneakers he gave me with some designed shirts before leaving his house .

Home sweet Home but this time man bored home , " $100.00 every week how's that possible even the government doesn't pay like that almost $400.00 in a month , I can rent a house send my brothers back to school and buy good clothes for my dad but how am I gonna start it " I spent the night planning on something that doesn't exist in my life. How was that possible, on the next day my dad looked at me and said it's going to be okay I was even amazed thinking if he heard or has been reading my mind since yesterday.

Started from the bottom like every Billionaire tells his story , opposite the rural bank was an internet caf where we go and browse after making payment. This was the place where it all started, I signed up, created fake accounts, fake email address,fake websites , fake IP addresses and fake papers including passports, business contract papers and everything needed to fool the fool. The Poor called it game of luck but the rich says it's hard work and I'd believed that through hard work and determination I was going to get thousands .

A week after signing up I had my first client, I picked up my keypad phone and texted Curtis " dude is time to cash in some dollars" Curtis took all the log in details and did the job which was Friday, Early on Monday morning $500.000 was sent through western union to our Post Office from USA . Cash In received Curtis gave me $450.00 and used the $50.00 to get me a new Samsung Galaxy Pocket, from the $450.00 I bought a new computer, modem and used the rest on physical needs. From that Monday to its Saturday of the same week we made $1000.00 from the client .

Still no investment ,I rented a small room decorated it and sent my brothers back to school. Nobody knew about my source of income because I never trusted anyone not even myself , When Curtis reliazed I could handle the game he distanced himself.

My name is Duah kwaku Francis age 19 from West Africa Ghana. I started writing short stories when I was in Junior High School at age 14. I became a dropout after failing to pay for college fees even though life  it's hard but this haven't stop me from working hard to achieve my goals to get my stories read by many. I'm very happy to get this chance to get my story upload on your website and I look forward in getting future opportunities.

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