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Don Shook
The Quail, .410 and Coyote Ben
Five Pounder
Raft of Summer
Bill Price
The Mistake
Bric Dodd
Three Don't Dance
Kismet Interrupted
Susceptible Otherworld
In The Neighborhood
Icky Impala
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Don Shook, past president of the Fort Worth Poetry Society is a writer, actor, director and producer who has worked with such stars as Dick Clark, Cybil Shepherd, Debbie Reynolds and Betty Buckley. Formerly with NBC in New York, he has performed in theatre, film and television across the country including Carnegie Hall, New York City and five years as a resident performer at Casa Manana Musicals in Fort Worth. He was named by Angels Without Wings as the 2009 Senior Poet Laureate of Texas for his poem “This Too Shall Pass”, and has written five novels and an acting handbook Entitled “Actors Soup”, self-published in 2014.

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