Who Burnt Borova?

Donika Xhumari

Copyright 2020 by Donika Zhumari

Photo of dead villagers.


This story could not go unknown. The red hair journalist kept thinking about this tiny place on the map where once terrible things happen. So the first question. Who burnt this village and killed its people in the most barbarian ways?

They were peaceful people. They worked day and night to maintain their houses and produce food for the winter. And the winter was very severe in this region of the country. Especially in frozen days. Very low temperatures after the snow fall. It was not so dangerous but you may be hurt. It did not obliged people stay at home, but when they went out, they must cover their head and face and take care not to touch their noise and ears. They may have congealed and if you touched them, would fall down without feeling it. So these people were strong and have built beautiful families there. The sons of these families wanted to see the world, to travel and learn.

Near the village there was an old monastery. There were two old monks who spoke a language called Bese, an old pelasgian language.

The red hair journalist sat against the wall of a building and could not understand how the massacre could have happened in such a beautiful place.

The nazi soldiers came through a very narrow street, from Greece, to go North and out of this country. Four hundred and fifty people lived in this village. And it was the village of Borova which was burnt to ashes and its people suffered the greatest loss in comparison with any other city or town in Europe.

Nazi soldiers were very strong and heavy armed. The villagers were mostly women and children. Their husbands and fathers have emigrated. Who was going to fight against the nazi soldiers? People ran toward the church for protection. There was the priest too. They all were shot down. Easy prey. A family of three persons lived there without their father and husband. The children were burnt alive with the flame-thrower. Another family of 6 persons. A lonely mother and five daughters were killed directly. People shouted and run and screamed. There was a deep river. Two grandmothers ran down to save their lives. Another group of villagers were shot and they formed a pile of people. When night came three or four person, who have fainted came to senses. Slowly through the corpses they got out and run for their life. It was night. The two grandmothers came back to take some copper-jugs to fetch water.

They could not believe their eyes. It was midnight.

A mother with her baby in her arms, who wanted to save her life suddenly run into a soldier, who fired all the bullets of his machine-gun. She fainted with eleven wounds on her body. A miracle happened. She and her baby woke after two nights. The villagers helped them, those who came to bury the dead. The young people, who fought for freedom, called partisan found a three years toddler on a wall. Also she survived.

This massacre happened in July in the morning under the light of the sun. These people knew to fight against severe winter, but the worst happened to them in the summer.

That is the miracle of life, it goes on.

The red haired girl had put on short trousers. She was very beautiful. But under the pressure of these memories she dared not to enter the village even after so many years. She thought it was a sign of disrespect. Next time she will enter the village and meet and talk about the truths, which could not be concealed, with her cousins.

She entered the car and drove away, scanning the scenery. There was something strange in it. As if there were lost parts of it. Feeling very sad she left the place with many questions on her mind.

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