Online, Offhuman

Donald R. Gallehr

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Group of kids walking with cell phones.

The latest consequence of being so online is the closing of Toys R Us, but itís not the first and I donít think it will be the last. Someday I fully expect us to be able to buy cars online by listing our preferences, finances, and measurements, sending them to a dealership, and then waiting a few minutes for them to show up with the car.

Was there a time when humans thought it was weird to go to a store to get food?  Probably.  Will there be a day when humans will think a store is weird?  Probably.

But what should we do in the meantime?  We need stores not only to shop and buy, but also to interact in with other people. If stores go away, we will have to replace them with something that allows us to be with others.

Or, will we change as a species?  Will we be setting up a colony on Mars as Steven Hawkins suggested?  Will we learn to levitate so that we no longer need ladders?  Will we no longer need food?  These things are unbelievable right now, but Iím sure airplanes were unbelievable thousands of years ago.

One of the things I would love to see humans do is to get along with one another.  We still have civil wars and all kinds of conflict.  We need to stop these things.

Another thing I would love to see happen is to create a system of communication so that we can talk to and listen to fish, birds, and animals.  They are incredibly intelligent, and humans would so benefit by listening to them.

Part 2

Whenever I do repairs around the house, I not only fix what is broken, but I also try to find the cause and fix that, too.  If a light is out, the simple solution is to replace the bulb.  But if the bulb is still working, then something is wrong with the light, or the switch, or the fuse.  I have to check each of these to find the cause, and make sure I fix it.

If the problem with online, offhuman is being addicted to technology, then we need to go back one or more steps to find out what causes the addiction to technology.  Lately, with my mind thinking about the drug cartels in Mexico, I see one of the causes being another addictionóthis one to drugs.  Why are we substituting drugs for human interaction?  

To solve this problem, I think we need to legalize drugs, then make the desire for them to go away.  How do we do this?  We teach one another the benefits of being interactive and get our desires fulfilled by one another.  When this happens, we will be putting the cartels out of business and we will also be solving the migration problem.

We need to celebrate intelligent, successful people and let them share their stories with others.

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