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Dhruv Malhotra
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Friendship is a gift to mankind. Friendship is a delicate and sublime communion of two people. I had lost hope for humanity and resurgence of sensitivity and kinship for each other among the human race. However, something happened that proved me wrong.

It was late evening about 7'o clock or so. I was returning from by bus stop as I had gone to school for Annual Day rehearsal. There is an extremely dark stretch of road that connects the main road to the lane where my home is. The monsoons were in full swing and the road was very swampy. Suddenly something pounced on me and pinned me to the ground. I realised I had been ambushed. A burly man demanded me to surrender to him all the cash I had. Unfortunately, I wasn't carrying my wallet that day, or I would have gladly parted with the money to escape. But I was scared to tell him so, as I knew he wouldn't believe me. I kept quiet as a consequence of which he assaulted me in such a barbaric manner. I winced, I shrieked, and I screamed as my skin bled with the lashes of his dagger.

Then suddenly he tried to pull out my ear-rings and my ear-lobe bled profusely as I screamed in agony. My cries for help were not in vain. Suddenly the dark figure of a boy came from behind and pounced on the man. He hit him as hard as he could. Now the man turned his attention to the boy. He was ready to deliver to him a blow on his head with a steel rod that he held in his hand, but then as a reflex, the boy picked up a huge stone and hurled it at the man. The man fell screaming with pain.

The boy signalled me to leave but I couldn’t leave him alone and besides there was an excruciating pain in my limbs. He then threw a stone back at the boy, he dodged , but it hit me. I passed out. When I woke up I found myself all plastered up and dressed in bandages and lying next to me was the boy who I hate most in school: Aditya, who was also heavily plastered. I was shocked! I hated him so much and was so rude, disdainful and contemptuous to him and yet he saved my life. I realised how wrong had I been in my judgement of this boy. I felt such a strong feeling of self-reproach. Aditya, sensing my discomfort told me to forget all that happened in the past, and then extended his hand in friendship to me. I gladly accepted with tears in my eyes. This happened six years ago. To this day we have remained to be the best of friends and shall remain to be in the future.

Dhruv Malhotra is a thirteen years old from New Dehli, India.

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