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No household could be considered complete without the presence of the family pet. Some people prefer fish; some befriend dogs, while other cater to cats. The there is a breed of felines that are part dog and cat that shall be referred to as puppy cats. Puppy cats perform antics that are canine-like. The following escapades are of my puppy cat in particular named Rae Rae; she is a most unusual feline.

 Rae was eight weeks old when she had to be taken to the veterinarian. He paw was slammed in between the doorway and the screen door. We drove her to the veterinarian who thought Rae was a cute and cuddly kitten. The veterinarian wanted to take Rae's temperature but Rae began to bite the veterinarian. "Stop it little cat-I'm trying to help you.," replied the veterinarian. Rae began to hiss and bit the woman harder. The veterinarian had to ask for assistance to wrap Rae's paw. Rae bit the veterinarian assistant too. She had a little gauze boot put on her paw, and it was just a matter of time when Rae began to run around the house with her boot-a photographic opportunity.

 A month later, Rae developed a fascination for pompoms. She would pick up in her mouth the furry balls and run around the room. She would often times roll across the floor with the pompom in her paws and bite them. We discovered that if we threw the pompom across the room that she would retrieve it. We stood at the top of the steps and threw the pompom down the stairs-Rae would run after the ball and retrieve it.

 Rae loves the bathroom. She saw me pull on the roll of toilet paper to get tissues and she tried this also. Rae clawed the roll of toilet paper until sheets rolled down the wall. She then began to chew and shook the tissue as if she was cleaning her mouth. Rae loves to lie in the bathtub-she finds it to be cool. Occasionally, she jumps into the bathtub while I'm bathing.

 Nothing can travel through the house without Rae chasing it. She hunts spiders and other insects. Rae finds them to be a tasty treat. On other occasions, the postal carrier is subject to Rae's attacks. When the postal carrier puts the mail into the mail slot, Rae paws the mail and sticks her paw out of the mail slot. She also sticks her paw under closed doors, if she thinks something is passing by. Rae uses her claws to open doors.

 Rae has a habit of getting locked in the basement closet. When I'm looking for items in the closet, Rae sneaks into the closet and has me searching for her. She never meows to let me know where she is, but I know that if she was not hiding in her usual places that she must be in the closet. Rae's hiding places consists of boxes, and plastic or paper bags as well as covers and clothes. Rae makes a nest of clothes in the laundry basket on many occasions.

 Rae loves to be petted but she loves biting the person who is petting her even better. When I try to correct this behavior by smacking her paw-Rae smacks me back with her paw. In fact, Rae will chase me if I run and will smack me on the back of my ankles with her paw. Rae's bites are not serious-she just enjoys nipping people.

 In conclusion, Rae is a most unusual cat who entertains everyone in the house. She is not as active as she used to be because she has put on a lot of weight like me. She still bits everyone she meets. These days she can be found flopped down on the floor thinking about mice and birds.

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