Stranger In The Night Photo of Dorothy.

Dorothy D. Bass
Copyright 1998 by Dorothy D. Bass
I was caught up in the rapture of the evening. A flickering candle provided the light..and the fragrance of lavender permeated the air. My mind drifted, euphoric, absorbed in the stillness surrounding me.

Suddenly, a thumping noise interrupted my reverie. Maybe it was my conscience trying to steer me back to reality!

I ignored the noise, and returned to communing with the surrounding peace. I heard it again! This time it was more conspicuous. Senses aroused, I tried to identify the sound. It was strange, a combination of a moan with a murmur. Straining my eyes I tried to see if there were any physical attributes associated with the sound.. The candlelight did not afford me this opportunity. It stopped abruptly! After several minutes, I relaxed and attempted to regain my intoxicated aura. Suddenly, the spectral sound returned. It began very softly and progressed into an obstreperous noise. My body started quivering and sudddenly became drenched with perspiration. My heartbeat excelerated. I was daunted. I blew out the candle, closed my eyes, covered my head and began to pray.

With my head covered, I continued to listen intently for the unidentified noise. It had stopped once again. After a few seconds I uncovered my head and began my deep breathing exercises to relax my body. My mind was still actively trying to decipher this mysterious sound. After pondering over the occurrence for a while I finally decided it was not pernicious. So, I proceeded to try to rekindle the mood by relighting the candle and adding a little soft music.

While careening through the darkness trying to find the candle, a phenomenal vision appeared. My eyes widened as I stared at this short stocky effigy, smiling broadly and slowly moving toward me. The round face, peaceful aura, and beautiful complexion became more distinguishable. The physical features suddenly became very familiar. IT WAS MY MOM! My body became immobile as I stared, lachrymosely, at the image, listening, intently, as the unidentified sound became clearer.

It sounded as though she was saying: "The teacher will come when the student is ready."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

She said it again, but much louder: "THE TEACHER WILL COME WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY."

I stood there in awe as the vision and voice faded, repeating the same phrase and disappearing. I became very confused..and found myself pacing the floor. Suddenly, a thought occurred.."my writing venture". With this thought came a sudden peace. She was telling me that, with practice and persistence, writing could be my next career.

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