The True Story of Puffer
(From His Point of View) Puffer.

Colleen Robinson

© Copyright 2000 by Colleen Robinson
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This story is the same as my other "The True Story of Puffer", but the only difference is this one is taken from the point of view from the cat. The mischief and other events the cat gets into are actual events that happened during his 11 ½ years of his life. Another thing I should add is that the little girl in both stories “Erin” is actually me, the author Colleen.

My name is Puffer, but my family called me Puff, Puffy and even Puffin I think. I was born on August 8, 1980 and was about two months old when I met my family. There was a mommy, a daddy a little girl and a toddler boy. I knew that everyone in the family would love me. I was told that the girl, Erin, was at school and would be home son. The mommy put me on a big chair in the big room downstairs.

She left me alone and went back upstairs, I think Erin was home. I sat waiting for this little girl to come and cuddle me and when she did I purred. Later that day I heard them talking about a name for me. I heard Erin say the name Bambi; considering I was the same colour of him it would have been perfect. But her parents said no and thought of different names.

Soon I was named Puffer, from the cute storybook Puff & Brownie. So that began my life with my new family.

Being a kitten, I tended to get into a lot of trouble. It was I think during the cold season called winter when people put up fancy trees for a celebration, I couldn’t get enough of the shiny balls and decorations and being a cat, I liked to climb trees. How hard could climbing this tree be from climbing an outside tree?

I started to climb the tree, but it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. I was almost at the tip of the tree, but unfortunately as I kicked a decoration accidentally of course, and tried to regain my balance but before I could jump to freedom, the whole tree came crashing down! What an experience I never want to happen again.

All I remember is Erin’s mommy running downstairs and me running from the tree. I think I was put in the basement to think about what I did. I don’t think I ever tried to climb that tree again.

So time went on and Erin and I cuddled a lot together. After she’d have a shower and go to bed, I’d chew on her wet hair. I don’t know why I did that I guess it tasted good. I was always a playful kitty and loved pencils. Anytime Erin would be writing I’d be right there on the table trying to get it away from her. I guess I wanted her to pay attention to me rather then do her homework.

Twice she took me to school where these little kids pawed at me. I was scared and didn’t know what they would do to me. Would they pull at my fur or pat me too hard. I didn’t like being a round so many children. The next year she did it again this time with a different group of kids.

One day, maybe a year or so later, Erin decided to carry me to school in her arms. We get close to the school and she puts me in a bush and tells me to `stay’ I get bored waiting so I try to head home. Of course I have no idea where I’m going or where home is but amazingly enough I ended up on the right street, just a few blocks from home. I was hiding under a bush. It was a long time before anyone came looking for me but happily they found me and I was home safely. Erin was told never to do that again.

One evening, the family was watching TV and I was perched on the back of the family couch. For some reason Erin’s mommy’s hair was puffed up. It looked to me like a funny-looking animal. Being a protector of my territory, I jumped on the animal. Well, it wasn’t what I thought and her mommy yelled and scared me.Well I never did that again.

The years went on and we all got older. It was 1989, a summer’s eve in late August when I was out having a prowl, having a little get-together with other cats in the neighbourhood. I knew I should have come home that fateful night, but I was right in the middle of a cat conversation about families. The neighbourhood cats and I were sharing stories. It happened when I was on my way home, a tragic event that almost shortened my life. I was crossing the street and hadn’t bothered to look or even listen for traffic and since it was early in the morning I didn’t expect too many people to be on the street.

I could see my house as I crossed the street, but what I didn’t ‘see was the bright lights of the car. I heard the brakes squeal and the next thing I knew I was crawling to the side of the house mewling and panting in fright.

The next morning Erin got up for work and since I couldn’t meow loud enough I couldn’t get her attention. She left for work, but it was her brother Michael who found me. Both he and the mommy rushed me to the vet. I was weak and scared but I knew I’d be safe in the vet’s hands.

I was having trouble peeing due to the damage to my pelvis ­ apparently the pelvis has something to do with the bladder. I heard that the only way they could operate and ultimately save my life was if I peed on my own. Well it happened and I was operated on. I was very groggy and missed everyone in my family. There were so many animals in the vet hospital meowing and barking. Erin and her mommy came to visit and brought me treats and some home-smells like a stuffed toy I like to cuddle. I snuggled with it until I was brought home.

Because of my injury, I had to be confined to a cage for a while, while I healed. The vet didn’t want me moving around. Erin was so dedicated to me; she slept in a sleeping bag right in front of my cage. She breathed in my cat fur all night, but I was glad she was there. There was a time in late October when she had to go away for a week for school. She didn’t want to, she said she’d rather stay with me, but the trip was paid for already so she had to go. She later told me the trip was horrible.

It was late October, cold and snowy and she and the kids from her class were camping. She told me that after that experience she’d never go camping again. I don’t blame her, I have a fur coat on and I don’t like the cold snowy weather.

I eventually got better, but never did go outside much after that. Time passed again and about two years later October or November of 1991, Erin had slept in She was in her final year of High school and only had three classes. I knew she had slept in so I sat at her door and meowed. Her mom saw me there and said, “She’s at school” I meowed more until her mom said, “She’s at school, here I’ll show you.” She opened the door and to her surprise and my delight Erin was still in bed, she had just woken up. I gave her mom a satisfied smirk and walked away. Erin meanwhile went to school late, she didn’t care if she was late, and I guess she really needed the sleep.

It was soon after that that I began to not feel well, I think this ‘sickness’ began in August, but it didn’t become a problem until a few months later. I drank a lot of water, ate very little and became more docile and quiet. I lost a lot of weight too.

I knew that the end was coming soon, but I wanted to at least make it through Christmas and new years, for the sake of my family. I was ok through Christmas and I was eating better and still drinking a lot of water. My family had guests over new years and I didn’t want them to think I was sick, so I ate my food that day but still felt awful.

Friday January 3rd, I was brought to the vet for a checkup. I knew it wasn’t going to be good news. For the first time in 11 ½ years I let the vet examine me without a struggle. Erin and I shared our good byes. I think deep down in her heart even she knew that there was no hope. I figured that that car hitting me two years ago had something to do with my shortened life. But I am thankful that I was able to get another 2 ½ years out of my life.

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