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Chenelle Davies

© Copyright 2000 by Chenelle Davies

Greetings! My name is Amenti, the adorable (and very intelligent!) pet cat.

Many people do not know much about the history of cats, and think of us just as a cuddly companion. But we are a lot more interesting than you think! For instance, I am a descendant from the Egyptian goddess Bastet. She was a very famous cat-headed deity, also called the Mother of all Cats.

To the Egyptians every cat was sacred (which, I can tell you, my ancestors LOVED), and extreme behavior was often acted out to support this belief. For instance, if someone happened to come across a dead cat in the street, they would put on a loud display of sorrow and mourning just to make sure no one thought that they were responsible for killing the cat.

You see, according to Egyptian law, being found guilty of cat murder was punishable by death!

In Europe, during the Middle Ages, cats were nowhere near being thought of as gods. In fact we were thought of as the exact opposite - demons! People remembered us as witches' familiars, and soon we were almost wiped out.

The Chinese did not worship us as the Egyptians did, but thought of us more like a good-luck charm. They believed that the gleam in our eyes could detect and repel evil, and in Japan our role was as guardians of the home.

The word "cat" came into the English language at around 300 AD, and the word "puss" is said to have derived from the name of the ancient Egyptian goddess, Pasht.

There are many different ways to say cat. In France it is "Chat", in Italy it is "Gatto", and in Ireland it is "Pus". But the most important thing to remember about cats is to love and take good care of us, and in return we will do the same for you.

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Chenelle Davies

© Copyright 2000 by Chenelle Davies

Sally had two main passions in life: cats and fish. It was not a great combination, but sooner of later fish learn to be afraid of cats; or, as this story goes, the other way around.

Sally found Rigby at the back of a dumpster, and fell in love with the black & white moggy immediately. It looked as if the kitten had been abandoned, so Sally couldn't resist taking him home.

When the newly adopted cat and his owner arrived at the front door of a beautiful cottage, Rigby had a strange feeling that he couldn't quite recognise; even though he was full of excitement, he felt he should be wary of this place, but that thought was soon forgotten.

As the door opened, Rigby saw this place was a type of paradise. He had dreamed about this - cat toys everywhere, spotless furniture he couldn't wait to get his grubby paws on, and the smell of delicious food wafting throughout the house. If it were not for what happened next, Rigby would've thought he had died and an angel was carrying him into heaven.

But it was then that Sally opened the living room door. Rigby saw about twenty other cats, just like him, rescued from alleyways, sleeping on the floor, couches, and even on the table. They didn't look too happy, but they didn't look miserable either. He noticed that a number of the cats had bandages wrapped around their front paws.

Sally left them alone so they could get to know each other. Rigby walked up to the nearest cat and asked what was wrong with them. The old ginger just looked at him and went back to sleep. Puss felt there was something he must be missing. But he was here to enjoy himself, and that's exactly what he was going to do.

The confused, but eager Rigby went on to play with a catnip filled mouse, bouncing around and trying to rip the stuffing out of it. A moment later he heard a tabby muttering to himself. "So full of life, they are, and then they figure it out the hard way."

Figure what out? Thought Puss, and went back to a half-hearted attempt at pulling the mouse apart, disturbed by what the cat had said. It was then that Rigby saw the fish. There were three of them swimming about in a huge bowl, darting one way and then the next. Rigby wondered why none of the other cats were curious about these interesting creatures.

"I wouldn't go near those things if I were you." Commented a fat black cat with grey markings. He too had a bandaged paw. Rigby thought about this for a minute, but he was too tempted by the idea of fish for dinner. He quietly jumped up on the cabinet, crept over to the bowl, and sat there for a while contemplating whether or not to do it. But in the end the urge was too strong. Rigby slowly lifted up his arm, extended his claws, lowered his paw towards the water and....

Well, you know what they say, curiosity killed the cat. Someone should have told him Sally only kept carnivorous piranhas.

Hi! My name's Chenelle Davies, I'm 15 and I live in Australia. I've got two Red Point Siamese Cats named Kabre and Tolan. I enjoy writing, art, and playing the flute and the tuba. I hope you enjoyed my story!

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