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Service to mankind is service to God” – Swami Vivekananda

I was on an official trip in bus and as usual most of the passengers were glued to their smart phones. I got a window seat and was sitting idly. I thought the bus ride will be boring with no one talking and only surfing the web in their smart phones. I was thinking that people now have stopped interacting and became addicts of the smart phone. This is a change in the life style of the present generation. I came to the conclusion that it is better not to talk with strangers as they might be thieves and talking to them could end me in trouble. I also started wearing the head sets and took my smart phone.

In one of the bus stop, a man aged about 45 years entered the bus. He sat down and said “What a day”. I was curious to know his story and started the conversation. His voice was sturdy and audible to the entire passengers in the bus. He had a gulp of water and started to narrate his experiences on that day.

He said that he was a sales man and travels regularly. He started the day with sales kit riding his bike. On the way, he saw a live accident. A car and a truck had collided head on. The car was thrown away from the road and the truck came down with its goods. The entire road became messy. He quickly informed the ambulance service about the accident and the spot. He checked the broken car. There was a family of four with two kids. All were lying unconscious with blood. He took a snapshot of the number plate of the broken car. Crowd gathered and ambulance came. They retrieved the accident victims and rushed to the hospital. Police cleared the traffic after their formalities.

He took his bike and starts in his way back to his routine job. He had been in the spot and was eager to know the condition of the accident victims. His mind was restless after seeing the gory accident and decided to go to the hospital to check on the accident victims. He went to the hospital and enquired with the hospital personnel about the incident. They inform that all members were admitted in ICU and were in critical state. The hospital personnel needed to inform their relatives but were unable to get any personal details.

He remembered that he had taken a snapshot of the car number. He decided to track the address with the car number. He had uploaded the same in the social media requesting for help. Then he returns back to finish his sales target for the day. His company called him for a meeting and he was now traveling to the headquarters of the company in the bus narrating his weird experiences of the day. His day was hectic and still his traveling has not ended. The sales man calls the hospital personnel from the bus to check on the status of the accident victims and gets relieved on hearing that they are all out of danger.

Now the entire passengers in the bus were hearing the story keeping their smart phones apart. All enquired him to share the snapshot of the car number plate and the post in the social media. He did the same at once. All started sharing the post. One of the passengers in the bus had a contact with the transport department. He was able to track down the address of the car based on the number plate. Another passenger had a friend living near the address of the accident victims. She called her friend and informed about the accident. Her friend knows the family for years and informed their relatives about the accident. Finally, their relations rush to the hospital to help the family members.

I was witnessing this entire incident in the bus. I was really astonished to see the power of some people with good minds joining together. I could feel the positive energy flowing in the bus. There are still people with helping tendency. My notion of people has completely changed now. The bus was full of passengers interacting and enquiring about the accident. All the passengers praised the sales man for his social responsibility and greeted him. Everyone clapped for the social service of the sales man. He became a hero in the bus.

There was a journalist traveling in the bus and took a snapshot of the sales person. He fixed an appointment with him and would send his experience to get a social responsibility award from a popular TV channel. The sales man shared his accident experiences in the television channel in one of the programs. The journalist asked him “What urged you to stop and do such social service?” He replied that “It gave me mind satisfaction and I felt happy on doing it”. After the interview, he became a celebrity in the society. He also received an award for his social responsibility from the channel. Now, he is doing social service full time with his own ambulance to rescue accident victims. He became an inspiration and a role model for others. The bus ride has changed his life altogether.

A lot of people’s lives change on interacting and sharing their experiences but most of us have become very reserved and smart phone addicts that we avoid talking with strangers. Most of us including me were of the opinion that talking to strangers will end us in trouble. This incident has changed everything altogether. We have to experience strange and interesting things in the society. Experience is the best teacher of life and it teaches us to separate good and bad. Life is full of new experiences and after this incident, my thoughts about the society and life changed altogether. I stopped thinking negatively that aversion must be shown to all strangers and started to think positively. This bus ride taught me this lesson and I will cherish this experience for my entire life. I started interacting with people whenever I had a chance and stopped sticking with my smart phone all the time. Yes, I started to live in the real world coming out of the smart phone virtual world from that day onwards. I said to my self “What a day?”

I have 11 years writing experience including two years academic experience teaching Business School (MBA) students and nine years Industry experience. I have a passion for competitive exams. I have qualified TNPCEE, TANCET, NET, IBPS, SSC CGLE and UPSC Civil Services Prelims exams.

I received a National award for my Article “Information Technology and India” published in Competition Success Review Magazine, October 2016 issue. I was announced winner twice at Civil Services India Magazine, January and February 2017 issue. I received greetings and recognition from Prime Minister Office (PMO) for my Blog “Life of a poor and sincere Government Job aspirant” on 19th October 2017


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