Big Princess Fairy Tale
Vow Jan

Charles Stanley

© Copyright 2001 by Charles Stanley
In Universe 10, soul number 22, the first Terra girl called Janna lived simply but chose the Bene Gessit way of marrying for power and not love. Other life times she was Irulen Queen Leiadalla or wife to Roman soldier who put the psychic magician Jeshua Ben Joseph to cross with nail for treason to pig and land. Before taking a body, this life she made vows of love one to a former husband that they would find each and both given a key to help. Hers was a boy in jeans and his was a girl in a bathing suit.

From Toledo, Ohio, a Catholic girl called Janice Mae grew up and prayed hard to IT for her wishes and kept a record in her dairy. Her wishes were to meet a general and marry, to have a summer love like the movie "The summer of 42" was based on and have good, hot sex every day. Janice Mae was blessed with a good body and psychic skills to help her find her wishes and man.

She went to Los Angeles where she married a daemon jokster general and got her first wish. Her vow to stay married no matter what earned bruises, three kids and a spend thrift hubby. After 10 years of marriage, the wish of meeting a general came again when she was unhappy and alone. The former American general Patton came as an errand boy for her summer of 42 summer love. Her vow of faith to hubby earned her the loss of looking like a perfect 11 when she was with Patton and more work to pay for bills.

Janice Mae moved to the Washington D.C. region where daemon generals came by to test her wish and she became unhappy after 30 years of marriage. To meet her wish of a general and sex, she was provided with a contact in her mind to have mental sex with since she had cancer and diseases which came from her daemon generals.

Vow Jan became her name for hubby vows and brushing off those that were called to aid her. Strong were the vows and her dog became the yea or nay of her life for her failure to see even the simple things about her.

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