Take Me With You

KC Chan Wing Haw

© Copyright 2020 by KC Chan Wing Haw

Photo of Wilber and Charlotte from movie.

Kipliard Singh put his hands into his front vest pocket, reached in and took out a notebook. “Yes, Mr Gubert, I have been expecting you this morning.” Turning around and holding one of his hands out.

Gulbert’s wide open eyes did mean some surprise but after all the acclaimed Singh should often see this a routine more often than anything else at anytime of the day. He welcomed both his sudden appearance and shook it.

“Let’s walk down the stairs to the cafeteria and get some coffee to this,” Kipliard said. Gubert, manager of Sarvex manufacturing plant had been responsible for this meeting and the prime source to the present case. Well, the only person in contact to speak to. The others were workers from abroad, and some from rural areas. Kipliard could hardly speak any of their native language nor one of the vernacular languages Gubert was well versed of.

 A Chinese national operator had gone missing, and this obviously would not reflect well on their performance later half quarter this year. Everything counting to breathless moved. Even the prayers in the mosque around could be a trigger to Gubert’s endless thoughts.

“So you’ve done your part in finding out from her roommates and closer friends regarding her whereabouts past few weeks? Maybe some?”

“Many have told that they have seen her in town with a man but how true is that, we need your help on that. You see, sometimes, they could be here for a permit purpose and then they are off on other different route of work.”

“So, how long have you been working here, Mr Gubert?”

“Long enough, around 15 years.”

“That sums up to your current position. You came in as a ……?”

“A junior product check. Very minimal pay and through time I was promoted to where I am today.”

“So who are you overseeing?”

“Most of them are operators. Plus the department I head, quality check.”

“I see.”

Putting his notebook away, he drank down the cup of coffee. “Do you spend some time drinking coffee at this hour, Mr Gubert?”

“Sometimes, when there is some time left from work or meeting with some important people about work.”

“Drink some of your coffee, you hardly drink and then fill me in with this particular event with more details.”

“Of course, sure.”

After drinking down some coffee, both looked around the cafe, empty and isolated, they felt the air was beginning to unfold into another eclipse of sentiment.

“Well, I think this employee of yours could be somewhere in hiding.”

“What makes you think so?”

“First, she came and worked for a couple of days, gone missing, seen her somewhere in some place, uncertain where she had been to, no one had her last contact and this could lead to something bigger, Mr Gubert.”

Complete. His manuscript to solve unsolved. Tomorrow another day spoke of yesterday’s crime. Nothing stayed for long. Tonight either one would jump from scores to skyline scrapper. One of them prayed, this soon would end on a smooth operator.

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