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Drawing of a pyramid with a treasure inside.  (c) 1997 by Richard Loller

 My name is George Richardsson. I'm a OSA agent with the mission of rescuing an American General who disappeared in Germany a week ago. We believe they are experimenting on him. I 'm on my way to the airplane that will fly me to my mission.

 The plane is quite small and I have to squeeze in. There's hardly any room inside. I seat down and although the seat is not very comfortable, I manage to sleep. After a while, someone shakes me and brings me back from deep sleep. I feel so tired. My eyes are heavy and don't want to open. When they do, they see one of the two pilots. Now! You have to jump now!, he yells, and hands me a parachute. I put it on in no time and he opens the door. I get up slowly, and jump.

 I feel the cold wind whipping my face, my head. Soon the ground is visible and I see my destination: a kind of warehouse in a deserted bulding compound. I land and hide the parachute inside a container full of what seems construction debris. I must move cautiously within the compound because there could be land mines or detectors in the area.

 I break a window to get into the building of my mission. It's very dark inside. I light a flashlight and continue searching. Soon I discover that the room I'm in is a kitchen. I exit the kitchen and, in the corridor, hear voices. It's two guards. I attack them. One of them passes out. The other one, turning around, starts running towards a little red button on the wall close to another door. I grab my tanquilizer gun and shoot a couple of darts at the guard, hitting his back. He falls over and hits his head on the wall. I drag them to the kitchen and go back to the corridor. I hear voices again. The voices are coming from the ventilation shaft. I pull the lid off and crawl in. The ventilation is a maze, but I crawl following the source of the voices, which become lauder and lauder as I get closer to it. I reach the end of the ventilation shaft and see a man giving a speech. It's Hitler. I recognize him immediately. He turns around and calls two names. Two guads go to him, flanking a blindfolded prisoner that could be my mission's General. Hitler takes off the blindfold so that those present can see the prisoner's glowing eyes. His eyes glow yellow, they glow orange, like my flashlight. Hitler and the soldiers exchange their salute with their right hand in the air. Hitler then grabbs a knife from the belt of one of the soldiers holding the general and keeps on talking. I realize that he's going to kill the General. I assemble my sniper gun in no time and shoot the murderer in the face. An alarm goes off. I wake up. It's time to get up and get ready to go to school.

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