The Mystery of Adeem Alpha and 
the Half Winged Goddest of Light

Brittney Thrasher

© Copyright 2005 by Brittney Thrasher


It was the month of May 15, 1889. It was kind of windy, but that was okay. Grandpa let me put on my new garment and petticoat. My family was very small; it was just my grandpa JamesSr., is very young, and handsome. Most of the women in my village thought that my grandfather was enticing and very alluring. Then there was my little brother terry, who is only six years old. Everyone thought that he was a high-minded and clean-cut little boy. There is my little sister dynasty.  She’s only four but we have to call her desi since she can’t verbalize her own name. Then there’s me. Fourteen year old cristella, but every one calls me crissy. I would describe myself as sly and cocky. But I am also a kind hearted person and am serious when the time is right. We were in the small village of lexcauses. And this was the day of my grandfathers friend Luke birthday. I never liked the guy but I put up with him because he was a friend of my grandfather. There was always this sinister and eerie feeling I got whenever I was near him. He always freaked me out. When the party was over I went up the stairs so I could dress into my nightdress. As I was going to sleep I heard a murmur of noise outside my door. As I walked down the hallway to explore the sounds I turned down the hallway and heard my grandpa and Luke arguing about something. Oh well I thought. It was probably nothing. While I turned to walk back to my room I saw Luke looking at me. I gasped and ran outta there and straight into my room and locked the door. I was leaning over trying to catch my breath. I never knew why but that man terrified me so much. He always looked at me with a cold and stoic face. But he never looked at anyone else like that. It was like he disliked me a lot. He looked like he was dead because at night his face was always pale. Maybe he didn’t like kids. Or anyone for that matter. I slowed my breathing to a normal pace and walked over to my bed. Exhaustion immediately came over me.

As soon as woke up I started screaming. I had a dream that there was a woman trying to talk to me. And it was so cold in the room I was in. but there was a man. Who was levitating up and off the ground. And that’s when I started screaming. That’s when she felt shaking her. It was her grandfather. But when she looked past him she saw Luke sitting on her bed. She screamed again. And shoved him away.” what happened” he asked crissy. “Nothing” crissy said. Of course some how every one in the room knew that she was lying. So instead of lying she just told them her dream. After she was through telling her dream she looked up at everybody first, her brother then her eyes wandered to where Luke was sitting but he wasn’t there. Must have snuck out while she was telling the story. Then her eyes went to her sister who had her head down. Finally her eyes went to her grandfather and she stopped right there. He had a strange look on his face, like he was trying to hide something from her. “ what” crissy said. “I think it’s time I tell you the truth about your parents” said her grandfather. Her and her siblings moved together and listened to what their grandfather had to say.”  Your mother was murdered and your father was tortured to death” stated her grandfather.” Adam alpha killed them. The person you saw in your dream was no man crissy, he is an angel, an angel of darkness. Now he’s after you. I thought that I could prevent it” he said “but I can’t and for that my grandchild I am sorry” he said. Then he handed crissy a necklace and told her to keep it with her at all times because it might just save her life. Crissy got up and walked out of the room. She was angry and furious. And she felt betrayed until after being mad for almost an hour she heard a loud crash. As she scurried out the room she couldn’t believe what she was gazing at. Her grandfather’s study was a mess until she saw a letter that had beautiful handwriting on it. It was almost like she was in a trance because her feet were moving on its own accord. It said “crissy, if you want to see your family again come to me at the Winstow Park with no one but yourself. Heed my words, if anyone knows about this letter you are only going to put your own family in danger than they already are. Don’t forget what happened to your parents. You would be wise to follow these orders until next time, angel of darkness.          Crissy was stunned. Never had she dealt with anything like this before. But she would follow his orders. As she treaded to the park she felt nervous and scared. Now she was in the middle of the park and no one was there. She felt like a fool standing in the park with her nightdress on. But she was so nervous that she didn’t get a chance to change her clothes. Crissy was going to turn around and go home she heard a rustle in the bushes. Then Mr. Luke came out she was going to ask him what he was doing here but while she was trying to ask him there was a sudden gust and it twirled around Luke like a hurricane and when the wind died down there stood a man who has long black hair that was all the way down his back. Suddenly she felt like an ant compared to this large and bulky man. Then out of no where he started running towards her and on reflex she dodged it. She didn’t know why but this man looked at her with a look of hatred. Then she remembered that he was the man in her dream and the man that the woman in the dream was trying to warn her. And all crissy thought was how could somebody hate her so much when he knew so little about her. Crissy was so lost in thought that she didn’t know that he was striking until she fell back clutching her stomach. She couldn’t stand the pain anymore. So she got up with what little strength she got and ran into the woods, with him hot on her heels. She ran so fast that she could hardly breathe. She kept running until she came to the edge of a cliff. He probably knew I was going to run crissy thought. Then he skidded to a stop right in front of her. “This is it”. He said “I’ve waited a long time to do this” he said. Then he pushed crissy off the edge of the cliff. Crissy tried to scream but it was stuck in her throat. She looked up and seen that he was watching her fall off of the cliff with a sadistic smirk on his face. Figures crissy thought. Crissy thought of how it would feel to feel her body hit the ground but then something or someone caught her. As she looked up she saw a woman with raven and dark purple hair. The lady caught her and laid her on the edge of the cliff. “ don’t be frightened my child, I will destroy this man and let your family free“. she said. Her smile was so bright and genuine that crissy couldn’t help but smile at the lady. Then she faced Adam alpha and she turned a bright and pure white and a yellow light engulfed her and the man. She heard his screams and quickly covered her ears and eyes. When she opened her eyes all she saw was the lady and a pile of black dust. Then she turned her head quickly when she saw another light and saw her family come out of it. She ran to them and hugged him fiercely. She was turning around to thank the lady but when she turned around the lady was gone. And in her place was a small purple jewel. She picked the gem up and put it in her jacket pocket. While walking out of the park she smiled and swore she would never forget the terrible Adam alpha and the half-winged angel of light who saved her life.

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