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Photo of a Naples Zoo sign.

My husband, Kenny and I had been to the Naples Zoo in May of 2014. The animals must have been staying in, and  hiding that day.  We only saw a few giraffes and many birds.

Then we headed out for Coastland Mall to do some shopping. We shopped awhile, bought a few things at Macy's, and walked out into the main mall.

I spotted the Restrooms, and started down the hallway into the Women's. I noticed when I went in someone was in there cleaning, but I saw no sign up, or  cart anywhere. But I noticed a guy about
twenty watching me.

Kenny's a retired cop from Chicago. For nearly thirty years, he experienced and  saw it all. He's very fast on his feet, with  eyes like a hawk. He's a former boxer and Army Ranger.

When he saw the the guy in the hallway  motion to another thug walking in from  outside, and pointing to the Women's  restroom. Kenny yelled, "If you lay one  hand on her I'll kill you." After I washed my hands, and hurriedly rushed out of  there, I noticed a cleaning cart blocking the door. I pushed it aside. The thug in  the hallway was still standing there.

He said something like "I was ready to  take you out of here." I shudder to think  how close I came to being abducted, raped, or killed. That was three years  ago, and today crime's much worse in
Florida . Thank God Kenny was with me  that day. He does take care of me, and  keeps me safe.

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