Scottish Terrier

Bonnie Boerema

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Photo of a scotch terrier.

Temperament: Playful,Self-Assured, Alert, Fiesty, Quick, Independent.

In the nineties, I was the proud owner of two Scottish Terriers. We got them as tiny puppies when they were six weeks old. The first puppy thatcaught my eye was an adorable little female. We named her Joy. We found her at an expert Scottie breeder who knew her stuff, and loved dogs. This was in the spring of 1993. She lived on a farm close to Strafford, Missouri.

Joy was a delight as a puppy, very fiesty, with her own unique personality. She seemed slightly lonesome in our fenced yard. Six months later, we added her brother, and named him Junior. They had the same momma.

From then on, they were inseparable. They’d walk along the fence side by side, bark and play together. One time, on my day off from work, I I heard a lot of barking. I looked out my kitchen window. A Blue Jay was hovering over her wounded baby, squawking her head off.

Joy and Junior were really worked up, barking excitedly. I thought fiesty Joy would be the one to finish the baby bird off. But laid back Junior was the one who popped it.

One time I heard a big squabble going on between them, and they were having a loud dog fight. Joy had buried a piece of cornbread in the backyard, and Junior dug it up. I grabbed the hose, and hosed them down, calming their tempers down.

At our Christmas parties with my son, daughter, spouses and grandchildren. Joy was such a social dog, she’d be right in the middle of Christmas pictures. Scotties love children and other people.

One time we were having a steak and mashed potato dinner. Junior was working up an appetite. The smell of the steak was too tempting. He climbed into an empty chair, and proceeded to grab it.

We lost Junior first, in 2002, right after Christmas. He got sick suddenly. Before we had a chance to to get him to the vet. Him, being a laid-back little guy was laying around a lot. When I left him to go to work, he was in his dog bed. When I came home that afternoon, and came into the kitchen, Junior was on the floor dead. I
called Joy in from the back yard to see her reaction. She just sniffed him, and ran into the living room.

We grieved losing our little Junior for quite a while, and wished we’d done more for him. He was nine years old.

Joy lived four more years. She started having seizures. The vet gave us medication to control the seizures. Then Joy got cancer. We loved her so much we weren’t ready to give her up. Finally, we realized it was time to have her put to sleep, although it broke our hearts.

Joy had a good, healthy appetite right up to the end. Before we made that last tripto the vet, I fixed her a bowl of ice cream. She ate every bite of it.

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