God of Birth at the Time of Death

Bheeshman S.

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Photo by Neil Satyam courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Photo by Neil Satyam courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

At the time of Buddha's period... He had a 7 student each fromdifferent country they areWyatt, austin, brock, bannat, hinta, Aoi and from tamil... Markandanayagam.. They where gain more knowledge from Buddha.....One day before the Buddha's death he gave several powers tostudents... All other students are hurrying to get power butmarkanda nayagam has kept silence budda gave all powers tostudents but.... To control over all power budda has gave a specialpower markanda nayagam..... And that is GOD OF BIRTH…

After that he went to the hill side and did meditation.... Many Yearsgone... He open his eyes at the time he got blessing from Buddha....He was slowly came to street side.. He got a bad vibration at thetime the people was enslavement.... To save the people to fought theenemies he use his magical power and kung fu amd he won it..After the war... the street was Worsley hit by the andromon .... Hesaw their pain so.. He use his power and created more deadliestanimals to protect them..

The villain has heard about markandanayagam occupied his place by his secret agent... So he sent a girldemon as cute girl..... The girl came to place genshin wheremarkanda nayagam is living.... He found she is a demon using hismagical eye but he let her in....Markanda nayagam has keep her inhis house... He taught her many good things... He gave her truepeace of mind. The girl had got a little crush with markandanayagam..Markanda nayagam was kindness to all people.. So thegirl got confidence to say about her past story... That her motherand father was watchman of heaven.. One day they were gottricked and arrested by demon god abaddon... And They make meas a demon.. Markanda nayagam say that "I known this at the timewhen you entered here " He gave a promise that he will rescue herparents..

The girl hugged markanda nayagam..Markanda nayagamfinds that someone his watching him so he use his power and killedhim but the message sent to villainThe message went to villan and he is adaddon.... He made a plan tokidnapp Markanda nayagam.. So they gave a powerful poison gasto dizzy him... So they open the gas at place genshin... Markandanayagam and all others was in dizziness..... They took Markandanayagam to their place Akumu... They locked markanda nayagamwith a chain where magical power will not work..A day gone in thelockup.... He woke up... He didn't known what to do.... So hemeditated to budda... Budda came to his eyes... Markanda nayagamask what is happening and what he wanted to do... Buddaexplained that "Before when you and others were came as astudents ... I fought with this demon using the power of god ofbirth... But I can't able to use the full power of god of birth... As thispower need a required person... At the time you came to join as astudent at the time..i found that you are the person who going toend his all atrocities... So only i gave this power to you and makeyou eligible for use that... I wish we will meet.." Markanda nayagamopened his eye... The war started.. Markanda nayagam broke thelockup and all the soldiers all the place were destroyed by his greatful power... The demon came in front of markanda nayagam..thefight started..the demon uses all his deadly power and markandanayagam can't able coping with the power.. He fell down.. At thetime adaddon thrown the powerful sword... the time girl demoncame in front of sword and sacrifices his life to save him...Markanda nayagam was at the extreme level of anger... Whilefighting with the adaddon... He got many illusion in his mind andthat taught him how to use his full power.. So he forceful..releasedthe power from his chest this blasted him.. He came took her up with tears in his eyes and gave his life toher... She wake up and saw her mother and father she hugged them...Markanda nayagam came heaven as a God...

Name : Bheeshman. S
Age : 18 
Gender : male 
Date of birth : 12.04.2006
Occupation : college student 
Hobby : story writing             
State : tamil nadu 
Country : india 

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