Corona Virus / Covid-19

Bezalel Oholiab

Copyright 2020 by Bezalel Oholiab


Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash.
Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash

Corona virus also known as Covid -19 the world most spoken word today. This is the pandemic that has struck the world today worse than both world wars, it has brought the world into a standstill with no discrimination of whether rich or poor not even the super powers, the most developed and advanced in technology has it spared. It has brought all the nations into the same level. Even the most intelligent and scientist have not been able to fully describe this pandemic whether its air bone or not, the world is confused not even the rich have a place to run to, neither do they have a place to hide, for everywhere they thought they could run to are the worst affected places in the entire world not even the countries with best medication has managed to contain the virus. This pandemic has cooled the political heat in the entire universe not even the most influential politicians have a say in this, it has brought the opposition and the government together setting aside all their differences to work together towards cubing this virus. Covid -19 has brought the world economy into its knees, the entire economy is crumbling down, industries are shutting down many being laid off from their work places, institutions are shutting their doors neither has spared the worship places for the entire world is panic. It is bringing the world into a severe shortage of resources affecting individuals both directly and indirectly leaving nowhere to escape. Very soon the entire world will be into a lock down for everything will be into a stand still for there shall be no activity taking place even our most crowded cities will be deserted, shops will be closed everyone will remain indoors the streets will be clean you will be able to see end to end.

If this thing is not dealt with as early as today. So far there so many deaths being reported its sweeping like a wind that sways away the chuff from the grains, the world health organization has come up with measures and ways that can at least contain the virus avoid rapid spread this is by : keeping the highest hygiene possible by washing your hands with soap and running water or sanitizing them also avoiding close contacts with those that are affected not only but with everyone else thus while communicating keep 1.5 meter distance the other way is also a mandatory self- quarantine to those from affected countries to their land for 14 days to make sure that they are safe and they can mingle freely with everyone else for with this they can be able to protect themselves and their loved ones. According to W.H.O this virus is spread through coming into close contacts with those that are infected, hugging, shaking of hands, kissing or touching surfaces that has also been in contact with infected ones. The W.H.O has fully indicated the signs and symptoms of this virus which is coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, pneumonia and they are only visible after the 14 days of infection. This can lead to death to those with weaker immune system this are the old, young children and to those who have health complications. To those with strong immune system can recover from it. The best way of keeping your immune strong is by feeding on foods that contain vitamin c and maintaining high hygiene. Its high time for everyone to follow all this or else will perish because of our ignorance we better cry now and suffer now for our smile tomorrow lets be united and avoid blame games to conquer this pandemic. Thank you and stay safe.

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