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Beryl Trebble

It Could Only Happen In Africa
Everyone Has A Story To Tell
Age No Barrier - Forever Young

Photo of the author.
Photo of the author.

 I was born in Southport, England and after a lifetime in Africa I now live in Abingdon.  

 For my family I wrote a story about my life as a young tea planter’s wife on an estate developed from scratch in a rain forest.  I called it The Last Pioneer because it was like going back to The Dark Ages and apart from no mod cons we had to battle the elements – 120 inches of rain falling on tracks for roads.

Fast forward and we moved to South Africa and when we divorced I married a property developer, and lived a feast or famine life with just as much excitement.  We had 5 children between us – his and hers no ours.  When my husband became ill we moved to England and we had been together 40 years when he died two years later. 

I have written for my pleasure and I called it “playing” at painting, both activities have been a boon in times of hardship of many kinds.

However, I have now decided to see if I can get any of them published.  But, at 85 my tech abilities cause me grief and it all takes longer than it should.

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