A Gentleman And His Car

Barbara Thompson

© Copyright 2002 by Barbara Thompson


The following true saga is submitted to honor the memory of a feral cat who became tame and was brought inside to live in the secure comforts of home.  Submitted by his benefactor, admirer and friend. I am a divorced lady with no dependents except cats, dogs, and parrots who need "second chance" homes.

A pristine white shirt, handsome orange suit and bright white socks framed a dapper young tomcat sunning himself on the fresh clean snow of a winter afternoon. Could this be one of the feral kittens of the summer? Observation soon disclosed his spartan home under the empty house behind mine. An austere accommodation indeed for such a dignified, stately feline gentleman.

A regular schedule of "room service" provided by me during the remainder of that winter eventually won his friendship. Curiosity developed into trust as time elapsed. He progressed from hiding to peeking out and then to following when his food and water were delivered.

Being a courteous fellow, he came to sit on the back steps with me one summer evening before going on his nightly errands as dusk enveloped the day. From that point on, he became a faithful visitor, never late for breakfast or supper, always staying within sight of the house. Certainly a cheerful companion for morning coffee on the patio. Often I wondered where he went and what were his activities while I was at work second shift.

In the ensuing weeks of that summer, it was noticed that he had developed the habit of frolicking about in my car, letting himself in through the open window, and after much playing about in its interior, he would retire for a siesta in the hatchback window. Sometimes he would simply lie there, watching traffic or walkers go past which usually caused some rather startled looks to see him pensively taking his leisure from the vantage. Being an accommodating person toward cats, the car was soon filled with cat toys, his special blanket and as the cooler weather threatened, his food and water bowls added also.

He would follow me around the yard as I mowed and cared for the flowers. My indoor cats would view his proximity from their window seats with passive interest.

With the onset of another winter approaching, a decision was pending regarding his further status before the brunt of bad weather arrived. It had amazed me that as a mature adult, he had remained completely adherent to our daily regimen without leaving the immediate vicinity.

I questioned if he could be successfully incorporated into the household of established cats and also parrots with his outdoor background. He had already become acquainted with my Chihuahuas through the fence.

As the weather progressed into fall, he spent greater lengths of time lounging in "his" car until the snow finally forced a decision about his future.

He was brought into the warmth and safety of home, leaving behind his beloved car, exchanging it for a residence of indoor comforts and amenities. Being such a special little fur person, a smooth transition from car to home was well achieved. A true gentleman.

Now the snow and cold was viewed from inside the windows of home and not from a lonely winter under an abandoned house, having escaped the perils of a homeless feline waif!

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