Paw Prints Sammy.

Anne Marguérite Smith

© Copyright 1999 by Anne Marguérite Smith

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Sammy the cat was a very clever feline. He knew how to climb ladders. He knew how to jump from tree to tree. He knew how to run across the roof of the house and not fall off. Sammy was smart enough to open the fridge and get his own food out.

One day his family went out to the movies. They didn't come home for a long time. It was dark outside and Sammy got very hungry. He didn't feel like raiding the fridge because he knew he would get into trouble. He wasn't a naughty cat. He was just a clever cat who could do things.

Sammy's tummy began to growl. It got louder and louder. Growl. Growl. Sammy began to think he was turning into a dog. He knew that could not happen but still his tummy growled. He tried to bark but all he did was say, "meow." He was very hungry so he gave in to his tummy.

He went to the fridge and pulled it open with his paws. It was easy. He was a very clever cat. Everyone said so. Some things fell out of the fridge and landed on his head. Lettuce came tumbling out. Carrots fell after the lettuce. Cheese sticks rolled out and fell onto the floor.

Sammy was getting worried in case the milk fell out. He liked to drink milk but he didn't want to wear it. He was trying to think of a way to get the carton down when a voice came from the door.

"What do you think you are doing Sammy?" asked Scrappy the terrier. "Are you raiding the fridge?"

"I'm trying to find some food. I'm hungry."

"Sounds like a good idea," said Scrappy. "What have you found so far?"Scrappy.

"Let me see. Lettuce, carrots, cheese sticks." Sammy was disappointed. He wasn't a vegetarian. He wanted a steak.

"That's too bad," said Scrappy. "I don't like any of those. Except the cheese. I'll take that away with me. If you find some meat or chicken, tell me. I like that too."

"There's no chicken or meat. Just some fish. That's mine," Sammy pulled down a packet of fish which landed on the floor with a squish.

"I don't want the fish. I just want to taste that cheese," said Scrappy as he scooped up the cheese.

"Hang on Scrappy. Don't take my cheese. I like it too. It's tasty." Sammy bristled.

Scrappy started to growl. He said, in between growls, "that's my cheese, cat. You never eat cheese. You've got fish."

"I eat it now," said Sammy. He didn't really like cheese but he wanted to make the dog cross. He wanted to play chase and Scrappy was always good for a game. Everyone was out and they had the whole house to play in.

Sammy dropped his fish and grabbed the cheese. He ran into the next room with the cheese stick in his mouth. He jumped onto the couch and dug his claws into the curtains. He climbed up and up. Then the curtains fell down, tumbling, the curtain rod rolling over and over. Crash! Sammy dropped the cheese as he fell down with the curtains. He yelled very loud. "Meow! Meow!"

Scrappy stood near the couch laughing and barking. He said, "that's really funny Sammy. Make some more noise. Climb the curtain again."

Sammy said, "I can't. That's the only window in the room and the curtain rail is broken."

"Come on then. I know where there's another window. It's bigger and there's a bed to fall on." Scrappy ran across the room and up the stairs. He ran so fast the carpet rolled up. The floor was slippery and his feet skidded. Sammy followed. He ran fast too.

In the bedrooms upstairs there were curtains. Lots of curtains. Sammy started to climb on beds and up the curtains. His claws tore the material. He climbed so fast and made a lot of noise. Scrappy barked very loud.

"Don't make so much noise Scrappy," said Sammy. "You'll make the neighbours think there are burglars."

Scrappy barked even louder. "I don't care Sammy. This is fun. You run some more and I'll chase you. Then I'll get some of that cheese. I'm hungry. Chasing cats is hard work."

"No. That's my cheese. You're not getting it." Sammy ran downstairs and began to pull the plastic wrapper from around the cheese. He pulled it all off and put a piece of cheese in his mouth. "Yuck. I don't like cheese."

"I told you Sammy," said Scrappy. "Cheese is something only dogs like. Cats eat tins of fish and other smelly stuff."

Sammy tossed the cheese down onto the floor and Scrappy grabbed it. In a minute it was gone. "Let's open the fridge again," said Sammy. "I'll find you some more cheese."

"Thanks," said Scrappy. "I love cheese. And pizza."

Scrappy tried to open the fridge. His paws wouldn't fit. His nose wouldn't fit. His tail wouldn't fit. In the end he had to say, "Sammy, will you be nice cat and open the fridge."

"Say please," said Sammy. He sat down on the floor and washed his face.

"Oh, all right Sammy. Please open the fridge. You know you want to."

Sammy put his small paw up to the fridge door and pulled it open. He looked around at Scrappy to tell him how clever he was and didn't see the milk carton falling.

It fell over the edge and bumped a dish of beetroot, knocked a bowl of plums, slid on a banana. Then it opened on the way down and milk poured out onto Sammy's head. Beetroot juice came down as well and poured over Sammy and Scrappy.

Sammy was smart and now he was wet. But he was still hungry, especially after all that racing, climbing and chasing the dog. He sat down in a pool of white milk and began to drink. Soon he was joined by Scrappy because he liked milk too. Neither of them realized they were purple instead of black and white.

Between the two of them they cleaned the floor. There was no milk left at all. The empty carton lay on the floor next to the lettuce. Beetroot slices lay unnoticed in a pile behind the door.

"If we were smart," said Scrappy, "we'd leave now. When the family comes home from the movies they won't know who raided the fridge. They'll think it was burglars."

"If we were really smart," said Sammy, "we'd put the carton in the bin and put the other food back in the fridge."

"How do we do it?" asked Scrappy. "I can't even open the door."

"I'll open the door," said Sammy. "You roll the food through the door onto the bottom shelf. I'll shut the door."

"Thanks Sammy. You're so smart," said Scrappy.

Sammy grinned like a clever cat and said, "I know."

When the family came home late that night, Sammy and Scrappy were curled up together in front of the TV. The Discovery Channel was on and cats cavorted across the screen. Too bad the two villains were asleep. Sammy had turned the TV on. Scrappy had wanted to watch Lassie but Sammy was the only one with a paw small enough to push the TV button.

Sammy was the boss because he knew things and could turn things on and off. Sammy could open the fridge door and he knew about electricity. Scrappy thought Sammy was the best friend in all the world, even if he was a cat.

Neither Sammy nor Scrappy remembered the beetroot. They didn't know they were purple and their purple pawprints were all over the white carpet. They were snoring when their family woke them up with a yell. They looked around at the mess and guilt was written all over their dirty faces.

Sammy put his tail in the air and strolled out the door. He couldn't care less. Scrappy followed, tail down. As soon as they were out of sight, they ran for their lives. It was a pity they didn't like beetroot. It was the only thing on their dinner plates that night.

My name is Anne Marguerite Smith. I live in Australia. I am a cat person and a dog person. I also love the wildlife on our country property so I try to keep them apart. Cockatoos, galahs, possums and koalas appreciate that. We also have a resident echidna who hides under the back steps. Ouch! He's prickly. I am a writer and and I also paint landscapes but not cats. Animals move around too much. They hate it when you tie them down to paint them.

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