The Story of a Bird's Life

Anna Reyes

Copyright 2023 by Anna Reyes


Image by G.C. from Pixabay
Image by G.C. from Pixabay.

Little Bird

Little bird fluttering, up it goes. Quiet chirps not easy, with much to say. Little song. . . ill at ease; toiling at what to  peep, what to say. Little Bird fluttering up, ready with some hidden wise allegory. Allegory one: bird calls; tending to her young. Bringing out colors nice and warm. Worm in beak to nourish her Young.

Behaves bravely. Letting them feed and feast; strengthening their beaks. Ready for Papa's instructions too, to fly away; flying high as when a child understanding the Holy Bible speaks.

The Raven on the Window... 

Reeks of cold. Throughout all days, our old ways. . . he sits. He has many words within. The Raven knows this and different things and it glows. It speaks to poets everywhere. Of all things wonderous he speaks to our souls, to give the spirit of one word.

Anna Reyes is a graduate a with Human Services degree. She has turned to writing and poetry. She has been published in a Christian journal, Clay Jar Poetry Journal.

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