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Anna G. Joujan
Once Upon A Story
Of Heat and Light
God Be With You
My Heart & My Hands
Other Roads
Where Lions Sleep
Zambian Critters
And The Lions Laze

Photo (c) 2001 by Richard Loller.
Photo (c) 2001 by Richard Loller

 Anna was born in South Dakota, but raised in Zambia by Canadian/American parents. The family moved to the US when she was 9, where she remained until the international bug bit again. 

After her cross-cultural childhood, Anna G. Joujan spent many of her grownup years wandering the world, and then working, as a school librarian in Afghanistan, Zambia, China, and Ghana. She now lives on a small farm in southern Appalachia, where she and her husband enjoy gardening and goats-specifically, two goats, named Lady and Yodel. Lady and Yodel enjoy trimming trees, making milk, and other goat-like activities. She muses online at

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