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Angela M. Reynolds 


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Photo of a weeping crabapple tree.

Your Journey Is A Road Trip.  Have Fun!

 So where are you now? Where does your trip begin? Where are you going?

Whether you are headed on vacation, or you are trying to reach a goal, there's a few things you should consider for your literal or figurative journey.

Before you go on a road trip, you need to know where you are going. Google maps is a great tool but ONLY if you have a starting point AND a destination. Without either of these locations, it's going to be really hard to navigate the trip! And don't you just love the option of being able to pick from various routes? I love to take a back-road. The views are so much more interesting than those from an interstate.
Often, the road-trip to your dream destination is the most dreaded part (behind the task of packing or unpacking). You probably have wished that you could just wiggle your nose and be there. That would be easy, right?! After all, you're all couped up in tight quarters with smelly boys/girls for 4 hours. He's touching me! I suppose I'm a little different in that the ride in the car is just another opportunity to bond with those you are close to. They can't run out the door or hide in their bedroom. It's a time to laugh, make up silly games, and stop to get boiled peanuts. Have fun on your road trip!

Imagine that you're traveling along, enjoying good music with the wind blowing in your hair. Not a care in the world. BAM! The trip comes to a halt. Traffic is at a standstill. Now what? You have options. You can wait it out and hope you don't have the urge to visit the restroom in the next few hours. Or, you can take a detour and keep moving.

You will NEVER see me sit in a line of cars unless there is NO way to get off of the path (such as on the interstate and there isn't an exit nearby). Trust me when I say, I will take the first exit or road that I see to keep moving!

Recently I was coming home from a beach trip. I had taken back-roads for the first part of the trip. At one point, I was supposed to get on the interstate to finish my trip home. I was about to get on the interstate when we noticed that the 3 lanes of traffic were completely stopped. I stopped at the entrance of the on-ramp and carefully got back on the back-road. There were other cars near me who continued on the on-ramp to 'get in line' with the stopped cars. Seriously? Not me! I decided to take another back road and keep moving. I was NOT participating in that version of follow the leader. No way, no how. I had places to go and people to see. I wasn't scared to take an unfamiliar path. I would find a way to get to where I was going. Why waste all of that time stagnate?

Do you follow people who are at a standstill? The boring? Uninspiring? I'd rather take a path that is inspiring and interesting. A path that is moving in the direction where I want to be. The people you follow in life and on social media will tell you a lot about yourself. Time for a self evaluation.

Be a leader and make a new path. Step up and set a precedence that others would want to follow. It may not be a "beaten path" till you get there. YOU need to be YOURSELF and YOU create YOUR journey- no one else! YOU are responsible for getting to your destination. You are unique, so do something unique. Don't live your journey the way someone else wants you to. What is it that YOU want?

The most important thing to remember, is that you know WHERE and WHO you are from the start. Then you must decide WHERE and WHO YOU want to be. You'll never get to where you want to be unless you start the road-trip, so get moving! Don't be afraid to take a new path to get there. And by all means, have fun on the way! Life is too short to reach your destination in any other way!

 Relationships Are Like Bras... Intimate Or Not

Coming in all shapes, sizes, and colors, some relationships will lift you up, while others don’t prove to provide much support and will bring you down.  Ever notice how people have their own preference? Padded, lace, sports style, strapless, cross over, underwire, and the list goes on.  We are all different. Life would be boring otherwise!   

 I'm so glad that I get to choose what's best for me. No one can make me wear an itchy wool lined bra, if those existed!  I'll decide what works best!  
Some are binding and make you feel uncomfortable; leaving a mark that takes a hot minute to go away.  Then there are those that bring in a whole new level of frustration.  They are twisted to the point of no return.  No matter what you do, you just can’t straighten things out.  Do you live with it or toss it?  You’ll decide at some point to trash them, it’s just better that way.  It’s just not of value to you (personally) anymore. 

In the rare instance you find one that works perfectly for you, you hang on to it and vow to never let it go.  You handle it with care, making sure not to just throw it in with the rest of your soiled laundry.  It’s a beautiful thing!  Others will look at you with jealousy.

At the end of a long day, you need some alone time.  Sometimes it happens as soon as I leave the office!  Just sayin’.  

The key to success is finding the right fit! 

It often takes times to find the one that works, but when you do, you’ll know it!

The Fruit Tree

In loving memory of Ben Henry Reynolds who passed away on November 5, 1998.   Benjamin Austin Lunceford was born on November 6, 1998- just one day after his fruit loving great granddaddy passed away.  He never was able to meet the man who he was named after.  

This fruit tree was planted on Austin's first birthday (November 6, 1999) in memory and in celebration.   When I went to purchase the tree, I wanted a fruit tree (because my granddaddy loved fruit).  There was one fruit tree left- a weeping crab apple tree.  I new that it was meant for me!

The Fruit Tree
Angie Lunceford

Wednesday, March 09, 2011
Today, we planted a tree;
In memory of someone we loved.
He left this world just a year ago;
To be with God above.
Name given at birth was Ben Henry;
Papaw” was his name to us kids.
He loved to stop by the fruit trees;
Eating and walking, he did.
He’d hide out in these woods;
And call like an Indian in need.
We knew that it was ‘just our Papaw’,
We would call back after his lead.
Daily walks to our house, just to stand there;
Watching the kids run and play.
It brought joy to his soul when they’d hug him;
Coming each and every day.
I really miss seeing my Papaw,
Standing at the fence nearby;
Gazing over land he loved.
He watched with a curious eye.
He never knew our baby Austin,
His hopes of hearing his cry.
He left to be in heaven;
Sadly, just one day too shy.
Benjamin Austin came the day after,
Crying for an hour straight.
We knew that it was for our Papaw;
Not just birth, but fate.
We all cried with the baby,
Knowing Papaw heard his cries.
Tears of joy and sadness;
Filled the whole rooms eyes.
In memory of our Papaw,
We planted a tree today.
A Weeping Crabapple tree,
Here to grow and stay.
Generations from now on,
Will know the love we had.
For our precious Papaw;
By the tree that shows it’s sad.
One fruit tree left to buy,
What better choice to be,
No other words to be said;
Weeping Crabapple tree.
I'm not a published author by any means.  I'm a 40 year old mother, full-time employee and 'domestic partner' of a wonderful man!  I just write what's on my heart. This story is true to every detail!  I was on the plane with "Johnson".   I hope that this touches you in a way in a way that this soldier touched me.  I write as a hobby when inspired and as time permits with a career and family. Send me your feedback or if this is available for publishing.  Thank you for reading.  

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