Olivia's Orchard

Angela Aday

© Copyright 2023 by Angela Aday

Photo by Dušan veverkolog on Unsplash

The rooster crowed just before daybreak and Olivia knew it was time to get the day started. It was springtime and she loved this time of year when everything was in bloom.

The trees in the orchard were filled with ripe, juicy fruit and everyone came from miles around to pick the fruit from her trees, but, Olivia's Orchard, was unique and special. The orchard had the ability to make people feel cared for and to know of a great kindness in mankind. Olivia believed that with kindness all things good came from God. God is the maker of all good things and he wants us all to live an abundant life here on earth. She put love into growing her fruit and spent her time and attention on every tree, vine and bush in her orchard.

Olivia found out a long time ago that putting love into something made things grow into something grand. She loved to can fruit and give it out to her neighbors and friends. Her grandmother taught her that she must love her neighbors as herself and by doing so that she would live to be a ripe old age and accomplish many things and she did for she was 100 years old. She loved to read her Bible and it taught her many things over the years about love and kindness. She was happy her grandmother had taught her so many great things because she had made and met so many wonderful people in her lifetime. Being loving and kind was important to her and those are the qualities she tried to live by.

She tried to remember on a daily basis to remain loving and kind to others because that was the one of the greatest commandments. She wanted everyone who came to the orchard that they were special in everyway and that God loved them just the way they were and that God's son, Jesus, died on the cross for our sins. She had a beautiful wooden cross in the middle of the orchard with a purple sash that flowed gracefully through the air. People were drawn to the orchard just to see the beauty of it all; such vibrant colors and a beautiful display of perfection is what made the orchard a special place.

They would leave the orchard feeling a sense of grace and mercy that only God could provide. Olivia loved on each guest and gave them a basket to pick fruit. They would leave with a great message and some delicious fruit. This was Olivia's, way to spread God's love and to tell others of the great sacrifice God's son, Jesus, made for us all.

She would finish her day knowing she had made the right choices because of God's love she had the power within her to tell others how great their lives would be if only they would accept him into their hearts. God would give them eternal life through Jesus Christ. She could have peace and rest well knowing she had done her part. The last thought on her mind was to pray.

Angela Aday is a children's book writer. Her passion is to save a little bit of the world with her writing. She has no previous published work. 

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