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Akmaa Rappah

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Neuschwanstein castle. Courtesy of Pixabay.
Neuschwanstein castle.  Courtesy of Pixabay.

Characters in the story:
The hero of the story: Balaimonda
The villain in the story: Girland
Some of the characters that appear in the story:
The King
There was a time when, in a country called the Dark State, when, in the days of the swords, there was a lot of greed and greed, but it was hidden under the curtain, and it had a just King, and his wife was going to have a child called Girland I have been a special person since my birth, I was a very special son of the King, our Kingdom is full of love and happiness, despite its very bad name. I am now 20 years old. Tomorrow is my birthday. My birthday  Today is my birthday. . Today is also the day of the coronation. Everyone enters the royal hall. But one thing bothers me. My little brother was born, after I made a year blowing the trumpet and hitting the drums. My father, my mother, my brother is sitting on the throne. My father is on the throne. The little one with the juice to my father, and my father drinks the juice and says while he drinks it and saliva runs from the person who did this....... The King falls silently, and everyone goes to him screaming out loud, King, King, and they find that the King is dead, and since my brother gave him the juice, then the defendant, what a chance to get rid of my brother and remain sole in control of the  kingdom.He is he, Guards, he killed the King He caught and tormented and chased him out of the country He became a hobo wandering the streets here and there I am now the King will control everything by myself I am wandering the streets until he reaches a military base called the base of feelings knocking on the door The door is opened A bald man is Commander Bowman. He says it looks like a mouse has been kicked out of his hole Do you know who I am? Bowman, who does not know the traitor, come in, I wonder what is going on, he declares I am a traitor, I think he is a mad man Do you know.... Now tell me why your brother accused you of treason. Because he hates me and do you hate him yes I can't even look at him, okay then come on happiness and love and hate and anger are all useless emotions here we train strong people no place for feelings How about you be one of us? The King has asked us to come to him, he seems to need us, what a chance for revenge. Whoever poisoned my father must be my brother, and when they enter the palace hall, all the guests bow down to the king and stand Balaimonda Face to face with Girland Without knowing that he is the king that he is.... I did not kill our father but I wanted to protect you after my father was killed I knew there were accomplices in that murder and Captain Bowman was a suspect I am sorry for everything my brother Balaimonda At that moment, he stands Balaimonda And he says, "I am the King now, kneel to me, and do not command me," the soldiers say, "Yes, my Lord, you soldiers, grab Bowman," Bowman says, "You will not be able to take down the guard one by one and go." To confront him, he says... All I wanted was peace to the queen, you know why the name of the kingdom was this, because your father was a monster that killed all the people that bothered him, that he even killed my daughter. I see, it looks like the unresolved issues have to be resolved here, and now they start fighting and saber until the two swords break. Bowman's done. The guards will come out of him and you're unarmed. Game over. Bowman says, Game over a long time ago. If you don't notice, your sword is broken, but the broken pieces have entered my body. Everything was a lie. Everything I taught you was a lie. Look at your heart how painful and sad it was. I did not kill the King, in fact no one did. My friend, your brother, was lying even at his death. Then why didn't you talk? Why didn't you tell me why he answered me? Bowman said, I wanted to test your strength. So I confronted you, is that a lie? Bowman Bowman is no longer breathing saying.... What is the truth then I don't know no use to me everything is gone, as if I had something of value no matter what I will die I will just die the guard will come and as.... I am about to commit suicide No, King, we need you Please don't forget the past, the past is gone and gone, so let us build a happy new kingdom, so that we can fight together You're right, guard, people have been blinded by greed, I have to make sure that doesn't happen again. and return our homeland as it was Balaimonda Well it was OK and schools and castles were built and the rule was Balaimonda  And finally, I hope you like the story.

The writer was born in 2005.  The country of the writer is Egypt.  The writer's residence, the city of Naga Hammadi.

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