The Power of Patience and Perseverance

Akansha Jhawar

Copyright 2023 by Akansha Jhawar

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Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the heart of a lush valley, there lived a young boy named Arin. Arin was known for his boundless curiosity and his insatiable thirst for knowledge. Every day after school, he would explore the world around him, asking questions and seeking answers.

One sunny afternoon, Arin decided to visit Old Man Oliver, the wisest person in the village, to learn something new. Old Man Oliver was known for his vast knowledge and his ability to impart wisdom through fascinating stories.

As Arin entered Old Man Oliver's humble cottage, he found the elderly man tending to a tiny, withered plant. Arin could not help but ask, "What are you doing, sir?"

Old Man Oliver smiled and replied, "Ah, Arin, I'm trying to breathe life back into this nearly dead plant."

Arin was puzzled, "But, sir, the plant looks so old and frail. How can you bring it back to life?"

Old Man Oliver chuckled softly, "Arin, this plant holds a lesson about the power of patience and perseverance. It's a story I'd like to share with you."

And so, Old Man Oliver began to tell Arin the tale of "The Glorious Seed."

Many years ago, in a far-off land, there was a unique and magical seed known as The Glorious Seed. This seed was rumoured to hold the secret to creating the most vibrant and beautiful garden imaginable. People from all around the world travelled to see this incredible seed, but they quickly grew disheartened because they believed it was too dull and unremarkable to contain such wonder.

Despite the doubts and ridicule, an old gardener named Lily decided to plant The Glorious Seed. She placed it in her garden and tended to it with love, care, and patience. Day by day, she watered it, sang to it, and spoke kind words. She never gave up, even when others mocked her for trying to grow a magic.

Months passed, and still, nothing seemed to change. But one fine morning, when the sun's first rays kissed the earth, a tiny, delicate sprout emerged from the soil. The sprout grew steadily, its leaves glistening with distinct colours, and soon, a magnificent, glorious garden bloomed before her eyes.

People came from near and far to witness the breathtaking beauty of Lily's garden. It was a place of wonder, where children played, and laughter echoed through the air. And the Glorious Seed, once considered dull and unremarkable, had brought joy to the hearts of all who visited.

Old Man Oliver looked at Arin and said, "You see, Arin, this story teaches us that the most beautiful things in life often require time, patience, and dedication. Just like the Glorious Seed, you must nurture your dreams, no matter how insignificant they may seem at first. Keep tending to them with love and perseverance, and in time, they will bloom into something truly magical."

Arin left Old Man Oliver's cottage that day with a heart full of inspiration and a new understanding of the value of patience and perseverance. He knew that, just like Lily and the Glorious Seed, he could make his dreams come true by believing in himself and never giving up, no matter how insignificant they may appear at the beginning. And so, Arin set off on his own journey, ready to make his dreams bloom like a beautiful glorious garden.

Akansha Jhawar is a MBA professional, mother of a 2 year old, From India, this is her first story. She was born in Ashta,Madhya Pradesh,India and She completed her MBA from IPER,Bhopal. She got inspiration for writing from her Grandfather Late Mr.Meghraj Jhawar, who was a renowned poet. With a career spanning 7 years in the IT industry. She wants to pursue her hobby to contribute to literature. Akansha continues to captivate readers with her literary creations and wants to be a respected figure in the world of storytelling."

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