I Love You

Ahmed Abdalla

Copyright 2022 by Ahmed Abdalla

Photo by Brian Forsyth at Pexels.
Photo by Brian Forsyth at Pexels.

Before you reach the coast, you see the cranes crowding and rising to the sky like trees in a forest. In the mist of heat, those iron machines reverberate in the middle of the distance, as they tirelessly moved the dirt and rammed it into the ground with a shattering force. Behind the construction site, the sea shimmers in the sun, crossed by old and new ships. It is as if the entire city is following the example of the coast, and you never see it resting here, the work of building, demolishing and rebuilding. It is seven in the morning, the time of the Italian city of Cagliari, where the young Alfredo lives in one of its buildings, and he is fully ready to go to work, wearing a scarlet shirt and black pants, carrying a luxurious brown leather bag in his hand, known to many of his friends and family members who are in In various parts of the European continent, he is a lover of elegance and keeps pace with everything that is modern in fashion and is very passionate about sports, especially skiing and equestrian, where most of the time he was in the stable owned by one of his wealthy relatives. Celebrating this happy occasion, besides that, he is an extrovert and does not like to listen to music at all. He is close to completing two metres, except for a little in terms of height and a graceful athletic body, with thick brown hair and blue eyes, with a white-brown complexion, a little bit from the first sight when you meet him, you feel that he is smart, coming to life and glorious for his sense of humor. He was sitting on a wooden bench under the yellow leaves in the desolate garden contemplating the swans while sipping a cup of coffee after a long and hard day at work. Each of them is in a city other than the other and has been striving for years to complete the amount that he will pay by working in the construction company at the time and the company that follows it now, but there is a problem of instability in the city, as it has recently become teeming with African immigrants and their abuse of theft little by little until the security in the city has become largely non-existent This forced many residents of the city to leave, with the security authorities unable to control the situation. His phone rang while he was lying on the sofa one day at the end of the weekend to surprise him Zabet that she was coming to Cagliari for two days to spend her vacation from work, which is a very short vacation, and I thought that it would be better to spend it with Alfredo. That problem cast a shadow over the news, and that the time was not at all appropriate, but the insistence of Zabet, which is of its positive nature, optimism and presenting a good feeling over most situations and matters, whatever they may be, and accordingly it was agreed that he would receive her at the train station towards her coming from the French city of Lille at three in the afternoon . Arrangements for the reception took place in full swing with a slight feeling of discomfort and safety towards these security breaches in the city, and he planned that her arrival would be an opportunity and offer to marry her and move together towards her place of residence there, and decided to complete the remaining amount by taking a loan from the Central Bank of the State of France. The Alfredo family received the news of his marriage with great joy and indescribable happiness, as he is considered one of the few close to his family .

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