Coffee Cup Story

Agouzoul Naima

Copyright 2022 by Agouzoul Naima

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

There was a group of students studying together in high school. These friends were yes friends of each other and also living next to some of their parents as well as friends who used to meet every holiday at someone's house to watch and play video games and watch movies and other hobbies. This reflected their relationship with each other, and they became like brothers who never dispersed. Years and years have passed and these students have grown into college and their friendship has never changed. After these friends finished their undergraduate studies, each of them went to search for a job according to his undergraduate studies. There's a doctor who's worked and someone who's achieved his dream and worked as a policeman and the last job as a bartender.

Suddenly someone suggested they go to visit a teacher who taught them English in high school. Friends called their teacher and told him they intended to visit him at the end of the week. The teacher welcomed them and waited for them. All friends arrived at the teacher's house and welcomed them into the living room. Every one of them started talking about his life, and life got boring, and today he goes slowly, and his work doesn't give him enough money, and so, Listen carefully to them and then let them go and prepare something to drink.

Minutes later, the teacher returned with a set of cups containing coffee. Strangely, the teacher has made a different selection of coffee cups, There were a bunch of cups that seemed to be high, because they were decorated and glass, and they looked shiny. While there were other cups that looked cheap and made of plastic, Here the teacher told them that the taste of coffee did not change according to the type of cup you drink in. And so all friends realized that their teacher is right, no matter how different all jobs or even job grades differ, quality of life will not change and everyone stopped complaining and thanked God for the grace of work, others have not found a job yet.

Hello, I am a girl living in Casablanca, Morocco. I am 33 years old. I writing short stories and children's books. work as an assistant in a law firm. One of my hobbies is writing short stories and children's books.

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