Agamemnon The Warrior

D. McIntyre

© Copyright 1998 by D. McIntyre
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Farm cats are not the type to snuggle up with. They are filled with a lion's self respect. They scratch and scent way too much to come into a house. Their bodies show the scars of hard won battles. They often have lopped tails from ill chosen naps in farm machinery. An ear is often torn or as in Aggy's case, missing all together.

The mystery as to how the cat lost an ear was one that my brother, Rex, was determined to solve.

Closer inspection revealed the little tiger had too much blood covering his fur to be all his. Dad suggested that one of the farm animals may have been the "donor". Everyone protested. Aggy had always been so gentle with even the smallest babies. We had to prove that it wasn't so. A quick look-see should have proven the case in Aggy's favor.

We looked everywhere but there were no animals missing. With relief, my sister liberated Aggy from his metal jail.

We watched him saunter around our legs rubbing his bloodied fur on us. Aggy trotted to the edge of the unplowed field behind the chicken coop. He stopped, turned to look at us and flagged his tail as if to say, "Follow me."

Rex followed. I could see Rex in the tall weeds, still following his tattered cat. He stopped and let out a loud shrill whistle. Pop and I ran to the spot where Aggy and his boy were standing.

Prone in the grass was the mangled carcass of what looked to be an enormous cross between German Sheppard and a house. It's throat had been shredded and chewed. That warrior cat had grabbed on to the dogs head and attacked the creatures throat with his hind claws.

There was a trail of blood which led back to the rear fence of the hen yard. A hole tunneling the fence had been partially dug.

Aggy must have interrupted the beast in its quest to feast.

Pop was amazed by the power of that cat. From that time until Aggy's death, he was allowed to rest himself by our fathers chair near the old wood stove.

It is one of my favorite memories. Pop, his pipe, and Agamemnon the Warrior snug by the glowing stove.

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