Binsar - Land of the Green and Cold Virgin

Aditya Pratap Saha

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Photo of a leapord.

Binsar, once the summer capital of the Chand kingdom that ruled the kumaons is located at an altitude of 2412 meters. It is a small town in Uttarakhand known for the snow-laden Himalayan peaks and shady dense forest. 

Binsar is located at a distance of 33km from almora,95 km from Nainital and about 400 km from New Delhi.

If you have booked a rest house in KMVN,you will be staying very close to wildlife sanctuary,as you will feel the moist air laden with the fragrance of alpine.

The forest is home to oak, pine, rhododendron and deodar trees.The trees are so dense that it seems to be whispering the secrets of the universe.Watching sunset is a must experience activities. It requires a short trek of 2km to reach the zeropoint.You start to trek you will feel as you have entered into a abundance of deep dense and majestic plant life. The trees look like the towers of the forest, ageless as they seem to touch the sky their roughness had been worn down by the soft greenness of moss.

The multitude sounds in the jungle was created by the playful birds twittering and flying from tree to tree and the crimson and orange leaves of the forest floor composed a rustling sound as my feet went shuffling through the leaves.

While mesmerising the pleasure of forest, you have already reached the zero point,you will be enthralled to see the red sun fall below horizon casting it's Divine magic into the woods. Your heart will lament as you leave the forest.

The night is fairly glamorized by the heaven full of silent stars.The forest and darkness seems to be each other's admirer, where a sense of affection prevails.

The kumaon Himalaya ranges which includes Nanda Devi,Kedarnath, Trishul,Nandakhot and Panchchuli.

Himalayas in Sanskrit means “abode of snow”

The dawning puts a imprint on the campaign of the sun in the sky.The first sun rays kisses the peaks of Trishul turning into bleak golden, actually promising to turn from fine coppery into purest yellow, watching this modest spectacular event you are bound for esthetic appreciation of the peak.

The lower passes were a cover of greenery, the peaks were embellished with ice, without a word passing between them, creating a land of green and cold virgins.

A part from the charming solitude corners, include the holy temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, Bineshwar Mahadev Temple built in 16 the century. The Gananath temple lies amidst the natural caves situated around 25km away from Binsar.

Binsar wildlife sanctuary located in the Himalayas on the Jhandi  Dhar hills,is known for the rarest of the species of animals, birds, butterflies and exotic flora.

It is also home to many wild animals such as leopard, Himalayan black bear, jackal, Indian red fox but they can be seen occasionally.

Nature is full of genius and full of sanctity. Curious and overflowing with pretty places.Binsar is a place to unwind and give your worn soul that much needed rest with a promise to yourself to be back again into this serenity.

 I am Aditya Pratap Saha,a seventeen years old Indian teen who has got great interest in travel and literature. Most of the time I just keep reading articles published online but this time, I want others to read my articles.

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