Balausa and Pip's Wand:
The Battle with the Funks

Adilbek Raiymbek Didaruly

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Adilbek Raiymbek Didaruly

Image by Katja from Pixabay
Image by Katja from Pixabay

Once in a quiet village named Zhikovo there lived a girl named Balausa. Balausa was an inquisitive and dreamy girl who was always looking for adventures around her. She woke up every morning with a smile on her face, ready to go to her little fantasy world.

The most unusual creatures lived in the village of Zhikovo. Magical unicorns, cute forest fairies and friendly dwarves lived there e.t.c. But the most special inhabitants of the village were small magical animals known as "Flinks". The flinks were palm-sized and had colorful feathers, shiny wings and cute voices. They could fly, talk to people, and do little magic. But they have enemies named Funks. Funks and Flinks were similar in appearance, but Funks had rude voices and they hated people.

And one day Balausa was walking through the forest and met Flinks. At first she was scared, because she thought they were Funks, but when she heard their cute voices, she was sure it was Flinks. After making sure, she approached them and offered to make friends after some time, Balausa became a good friend of the Flinks. She built them a small box house with a colorful roof where they could relax after a long adventure. The Flinks loved to tell Balausa about their travels and adventures in the forest.

One day, when Balausa was about to go to the forest, she noticed that her beloved Flink named Pip had lost his little magic wand. Pip was the most important Flink and without his wand there would be no magic in the village.

Balausa was looking everywhere: she looked into the grass, turned over the leaves and looked under every bush. But there was not the slightest trace of the wand anywhere. Balausa did not give up and continued to search, because she knew that without a wand Pip would not be able to create magic and be happy.

When Balausa finds the wand, she happily circles around, holding it in her hands. But suddenly, from behind the trees, Funks appear - the enemy of Flinks and all good magic. He sees that Balausa has found Pip's wand and immediately understands that it can bring joy and happiness to the village of Zhikovo. One of the Funks named Nur with a rough voice giggles and says: "So, so, what do we have here? A little girl found a lost wand? I think I should stop her..."

Balausa feels fear seizing her heart, but she is not going to give up. She knows that the wand must be returned to Pip so that he can continue to work his magic.

Boldly meeting Nur's gaze, Balausa says: "Funk, I know you don't like people and magic, but magic should be used for good. The wand belongs to Pip, and I have to return it to him." But Nur laughs mockingly and steals the wand and says: "Return the wand to Pip? Why would I do that? I personally have not seen any wand and I am not going to help you or anyone from this village." Balausa does not stop in front of an obstacle and decides to persevere. She looks at Nur with compassion and says, "Nur, I know there is kindness inside you. If you let us return the wand, then we can continue to do good deeds and bring joy to people and magical creatures."

Nur frowns and seems to be thinking. There is a fleeting doubtful sparkle in his eyes, but then he suddenly smiles maliciously and says: "You're too naive, Balausa. I will not allow your good intentions to bring happiness to this village!" With these words, Nur disappears into the dense thicket of the forest, leaving Balausa and her friends disappointed, but not broken. Balausa realizes that she has even more efforts and adventures to return the wand to Pipa and overcome Nur's anger. But she doesn't despair. Balausa knows that courage, friendship and faith in goodness will help her overcome all difficulties on her way. She gathers her friends around her and they go on new adventures, ready to face any obstacles in order to return the wand to Pipa and restore magic in the village of Zhikovo.

As Balausa and her friends continue to search for Pip's wand, they encounter some obstacles on their way. Suddenly, three evil goblins, known as Grim, Quack and Spike, who are friends with Funks, come out from behind the bushes. Grim, the most insidious of them, smirks slyly and says: "Don't you dare interfere in our affairs! Pip's wand now belongs to the Funks!"

Balausa and her friends sense danger and realize that these goblins will try to prevent them from finding and returning the wand. Grim, Quack and Spike begin using their goblin cunning and magic tricks to confuse and slow down Balausa and her friends.

Grim, with his astute mind, tries to confuse the tracks by turning over direction signs and drawing false maps. Quack, with his keen hearing, throws up various sounds and noises to confuse Balausa. Spike with its sharp spiked claws, tries to create traps and obstacles on the way.

But Balausa and her friends do not give up before these difficulties. They use their ingenuity and joint efforts to overcome the obstacles created by the goblins. Balausa summons his loyal friends Flinks to help, and the dwarves use their masterful work to destroy the Thorn traps.

With every step Balausa and her friends approach the goblins, overcoming all their tricks and traps. Eventually, they find Grim, Quack, and Spike in their hideout. Balausa stands in front of them and says with determination: "We will not allow you to use Pip's wand for evil purposes! She must return to the right hands!"

Grim, Quack and Spike resist, but Balausa and her friends join forces. The Flinks use their magical abilities to weaken the goblins, and the dwarves use their powerful tools to create tricky obstacles. As a result, thanks to the courage and cooperation of Balausa and her friends, Grim, Quack and Spike are defeated and Balausa asks:”Where is the Funk who stole the wand from us?” and the Spike responds: ”Are you talking about Nur?” Grim: “Yes, it's about Nur” Quack: ”He went to the Funks lair, if you don't have time, he will give this wand to the most important Funk-“Raim”” and they told where the Funks lair is because one of the Flinks made them tell the whole truth.345678

Balausa and her friends resolutely move to the den of the Funks, realizing that Pip's wand must be returned. Along the way, they discuss a plan of action and prepare for a meeting with the main Funk Raim.

As they approach the lair, they notice that new obstacles and traps appear in front of them. Gluttonous plants, impenetrable mists and slippery ice platforms created by Funks to protect their lair appear around.

Balausa, despite all the difficulties, leads his team through these dangers using his agility and skill. Flinks use their magic power to destroy traps and eliminate obstacles. Gnomes, in turn, create special tools that help them overcome dangers.

Finally, they reach the main hall of the lair, where Funk Raim is sitting majestically. He turns his gaze on Balausa and her friends with arrogance and says: "You came too late, Pip's wand now belongs to us, the Funks. She has become a part of our power and magic!"

Balausa looks at Funk Raim with determination in his eyes and says, "Funk, you are mistaken. Pip's wand belongs to the whole world, it should serve good and help others. You have no right to use it for evil purposes!"

Funk Raim laughs contemptuously and orders his supporters to attack Balausa and her friends. At this time, the dwarves and Flinks activate their abilities and begin a battle with the Funks, while protecting Balausa.

The battle turns out to be fierce and intense. Balausa shows courage and ingenuity, using her magic and fighting skills to resist the Funks. Ultimately, the joint efforts of Balausa and her friends lead to victory.

Funk Raim is defeated, and Balausa, holding Pip's wand in her hands, says: "Pip's wand must return to its correct owner. Magic should serve the whole world, not just one race or group of beings."

Defeated Funks realize their mistake and realize that the true power and magic lies in friendship and cooperation. They agree to give Pip's wand and promise not to do any more harm.

Eventually, Balausa and her friends achieve their goal. Pip's wand returns to Pip's hands, and the Funks begin a new life, realizing that their power and magic can be used for good deeds.

Thus, thanks to determination, ingenuity and the power of friendship, Balausa and her friends overcome all the obstacles created by the Funks and return Pip's wand to the right hands. All the inhabitants of the village of Zhikovo are delighted and grateful to Balausa and her loyal friends for their courage and devotion.


I was born on August 31, 2008 in the amazing city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. Since childhood, I have been passionate about algebra, geometry and physics, I liked to study these subjects, solve complex mathematical problems and participate in Math Olympiads.  Mathematics and physics became my passion, I liked their logic and accuracy. When I was solving complex problems, listening to music was a great pleasure for me. My love for science has grown over the years, and in the 5th grade I wanted to enter the Republican Physics and Mathematics School (RFMS) in Kazakhstan, and it was not easy, but I entered the 7th grade. However, apart from my passion for science, I have always had a passion for art. I liked to draw pictures and write stories about this painting, and I spent every moment of my free time creating unique and emotional works of art. Drawing was not only a form of self-expression, but also a way to convey your thoughts and feelings through images.  Creativity, observation and the desire for self-expression are very important, and I believe that art and science go hand in hand. I like to combine these two passions in my life. My hobbies in mathematics, physics and art have become an inseparable whole for me. I am always looking for new opportunities to improve my skills and personal development. My goal is to become a successful scientist and artist, to contribute to the development of the world, to inspire people with my ideas and creativity.

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