My Honest Dog

Abdulwahab Alburhomy

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Abdulwahab Alburhomy


Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

This story is real as it happened with my honest dog.

I was living in rural village in which some day I saw a dog near our home looking at me, I tried to ignore that, but it was still watching, so I went forward it, but it still silent and didn't move, Thus I thought that it was hungry, so I came back to our home in order to get some bread for it, I fed it kindly and it was so cooperative. Day after day it was coming a lot until I loved it and it was too.

Hence I named it Bell.

My dog was geeting bigger and so strong brave dog, as it was my guard and support everywhere I go.

But in one day and during the night as it was so dark and before the down come, I was sleeping untill I awoke as a result of my dog barks near our home upon semi-silent quiet 2 hyena as I determined them by their strange Voices.

The battle began and my dog was fighting powerfully preventing them from getting near the home/or eating it, really my mother and me were so afraid as we stay calm hearing the Voices near our home.

Minutes after minutes the dog voice got so loud and the 2 hyena voices got low (they went away).

When the morning came to, I waited until 9:00 Am to open our home external door after checking that every thing was ok.

I was looking for my dog, here, there but no result, after just 15 minutes i found it under a small tree, bleeding from its ears and back legs, I came back home to get some food to fed it, but it wasn't responding to me as it was saying please let me alone, but I stayed with it untill my mom called me for a lunch, after I had my lunch i came back to my honest dog, but with sorrow it got dead leaving a lot of kind honest beautiful memories during my childhood.

My name is Abdulwahab, I'm from Yemen working in humanitarian and relief business since the beginning of war in Yemen.

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