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Abdallah Mohamed Adam

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Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

The events of the story revolve around the story of a young man who found himself alone in a world full of people.

He is now addressing his mind and asking what tragedy happened to him as he tries hard to make his own glory that he dreamed of.

This is the real story In some place on the earth 

This story takes place in the Twentieth-century

There is  man called no body he is honest genius proud gentleman the man that have strong believes in himself he is never know give up in his all life but the life is be  stronger more than he was  imagination the life  is carry him up and down without  know  what  is the destination to go on 

But he realized that with highly satisfaction  because he is never doubt in his strength and consider this is challenging between the life and  with himself is  been starting right now 

He  appreciated to accept this challenging with bright light smile and opon heart 

He is full of proud in the selfsteam because he is found that map to lead him up and running faster down with the charm of   Magnetize gravity 

 and he feels of balance with medium power of pressure that make  him surely he is never  felt down in the ground anymore 

That map called brain 

The map that everyone could drow and design his destination by his incredible experience of his responsibility with own self and other that make him to be Extraordinary difference  obviously from other 

He found himself the is very lucky special one 

To discovers  priorities of his life and make  surely he is ready for the test 

 now He plan to New trip with the  newly map that have to establish a good relationship between future and Present 

Now our journey Imminence to be starting 

All we have to bind Lifebelts and hold on   our leader (brain map) instructions to move 

Now our really excited journey is started  

The leadership said we must to left all heavy things all ( disappointing ,sad, frustration, bad behavior,and hopeless) behind us  he said that with strong voice 

 And the leader told him to close his eyes and ccount his life in past by the hours and  minutes   and try to make this  hours and minutes age to life in future with age ccount of second  and told him what the number that have 

He never been able to find the answer because he was blind 

He ask the leader what the answer Sr ?

The leader reply with strong voice you must to find it right now our iam  will stop this challenge and consider you losing in the first test 

He felt  wondering disappointed  in himself in first time because this is first test to do something with the  close eye 

And he is between tow option

Than he expected that the next test to be difficult 

This point let clear mark in his life by inforce him to self independent while he was  close eyes 

To follow his senses to finds the destination and answer without any aid 

Suddenly the leader said the time is up We go to the next step of the test 

He feel happy and sadly in same time 

Because he is never found the answer and go to another part of the test 

The leader ask him to opon his eyes gradually 

He do as he told .

That is incredible amazing Surprise that is unexpected to be He said 

He is aris to his future destination the leader told  to rewrite his new life directions by clear trust step full of proud of achievement and consistent  full of  balanc and patience step to never put his feet again in unexpected place 

He feel satisfaction towards his opportunity and grateful of his life times and for his new goals and hope that he was never expecting to get in reality now He was freely able to  rewrite the  new Sentence  in his cover page called them future destination 

And he chose the image of dragon with big green eyes to be Legendize in world like dragon 

He is realized that this  magical picture to express about him in fact 

And he drow a big circle and put point in the Medium of it and he called them Convergence in the first page  and Then he was  being  plan to use there  map to write the title of his book the title that  giv him the true meaning of his life  to be exists 

He think about his past life and now he  is finding that he is  finally be able to determine  wonderful imagination sentence make him to be ready for all his life 

He is wrote with obviously words

 he is man who love the impossible before he go to the next section of this book the leader said what do you have 

he said i am the man of impossible he was reply with strongest words and confidence  in his  voice 

the leader smiles quietly and wag his head and saids now i am surely you are ready to go back again to the past to find what you have 0 missing  while you are in the future 

He surprises from leader talking he never replied 

Now He is started his new journey to find what the destiny hiding for them 

He requested the leader to give him another chance because he is started to arrange his new book right now 

The been quiet for the moment and saying 

You are spend long time in the future now the past is waiting you as future do in past 

Our journey is not to be stop when we are returning back it's will be starting there 

The leader saids  the leader told him to committed and Sacrific he is a new person 

By let the his personality in the past and never meeting him again while he returns back with promises 

He committed and promises 

Now we are ready to go back the leader said but you must to returns alone and I will take care of you future here 

The leader told him to close his eyes again and ccount to hundreds and opon his eyes 

He do as he told 

And start accounting after he complete his account he gradually opon his eyes and laughter with loud voice 

He says I'm connected between the past and future and now all I have to do to save my promises to make me  able to meet my leader in the future and let him to be proud of me as I promises 

Now my really time started in past I don't have any time to miss 

I want to complete my book 

(the man of impossible)

He picks his pen up and thinks about that leader he said I want to be like you 

What kind of the leader how you are organizing discipline patience with full confidence and control to his behavior and life 

I do know How can I describe you honestly 

You are the magic our shadow 

 the He is take deep breath and he picked his book quickly and looking at him for the longest time 

And  then he opon the first page and he found that circle he is draw it in his future .

and he started to draw straight line from beginning of inside circle continues to cross Convergence to the end of his circle 

And he go back again with same circle line

The is understanding this point Clearly that let him to be able to modify and change his life by control his life behavior inside circle to be able to apply them outside circle 

Then he was  started to draw multiple lines inside circle and he give all the line the original name to able to choose what the perfect line to following

the he is waiting some time And  opon his second page happiness page 

but unfortunately he was empty 

 so He was  planning to give this happiness  page difference of Flying Colours up and down and he is planning to draw amazing Garden Spade in the down with the wonderful rivers and flows streams along it in the  all parts of his  garden 

and he was  divided his  garden sky in tow part one of them is blue sky full of stars and there is tow moon in the sky and  one of them his carry his name another part of sky is the green sky full of rain and thunderstorms and three  of mountains together covering with snow with five longest trees along between them .

Then he is looking at this different intermixed color to see the wonderful  nuterals  life He is Create 

 in This difference of  colors to give him sense of life beauty with strong desire to be free in own self 

And He considers this perfect change new opportunity to recognize himself gently 

 now he is  understanding that the secrets of happiness lay in difference colors from here 

((Don't Judgment the difference by unequal sometimes you can find your pleasure in stone )) 1

There is nothing missing in this image and there is nothing to be add he said that 

So he started to looking to his picture Accurately and he  Ponders between truth and imagination about this live Miracle 

but He didn't found the compelet answer to description this Essentialist beauty that lay in the difference of colors used Precisely

 so this happiness page is complete by Extraordinary characteristics  with  different sources of option 

so He is no longer to wait to opon his next page to complete the book and he knew that all another page is empty but he didn't worry about it because he is designed happiness page perfectly

 all he  have to go forward and to come back to his page  if he feels sadness 

 he is opon his white paper by proud and  confidence  and he picked his pen and write his golden plan in the top of the paper with the time and suitable place to apply it 

And  he ask himself what the standards  he well follows  to make it possible 

In first he put multiple choices then he begins to diagnosis and analyzing each one of them by his prioritie 

and he found the must important choice to begin with in  first 

And he put his first choice in action immediately and looking about any alternative that could stop the progress of his  plan to fixed them before to 

be happen

So he didn't found any challenge after he go hundreds feet and stop to waiting his golden choice to come close and he well go forward clear what the Residuation in next way .

((Go hundred feet and writing your goals and do the same hundred feet again 

and wait  to follow you and telling  who you are in the hundred feet again))2

he used the problem solved model to achieve his goals and he realized that this new life is really deserved to sacrifice for 

Now he is very happy and does not feel afraid when he opens the pages of writing page after page

And this is what made life a real meaning in the end, because he found the pleasure of life and all the ways that he will cross without any stopping or leaving behind every beautiful trail.

 Now he is thinking about all the steps he took, those steps that made him climb to the tops, and he looks at the sun of hope shining on the horizon from afar and approaches him, and he can see everything as clear as glass.

All the other roads are straight and light in proportion to Him

He paused, asking himself, confused between the past and the present, for the reason, finding the logical reasons, and not wanting to be drawn back again. He thought and asked himself what I would write on my next page.

I've come up with an idea and now I can't wait to write the next page

He wrote a title in bold on top of his blank page

Stability and balance between the past and the present and standing on the wheel of time to achieve the future from here

He combined the past that represented himself and the future that will represent his era, stopping between them, not being attracted and immersed again in the past, and transforming the two lines of the past into the continuous permanent transformation of the future.

This expression and freedom from fear and the restrictions of the past and not allowing extremist ideas that contribute to reducing yourself based on what you were in the past

And now he has become a very different person who does not care about the past and is charting the paths of the future according to him

This systematic planning has contributed to building that personality that is characterized by balance and logical thinking in the future and benefiting from previous experiences that were not without remorse.

He continues to write the rest of the texts and says (I used to look at myself from a young age and find myself unique among my friends and those around me, but they never feel that, and every day when I want to go to sleep I feel hope for the dawn of a new day, and when I turned twelve My life was a diligent student, I love to retaliate, and I do not know what it means to surrender, and this time is what made me think about what is the mind and how to benefit from it.

And now he is completing the matter, and I am searching for this connotation. I have found an infinite number of succinct expressions that one is almost unbelievable.

But All the manuscripts were pointing towards the path that you would take and the path that would exercise the mind and help it in understanding and solving these complexities, and it would be within your reach for all you aspire to.

And he completes the rest of his page and says (I really loved the challenge, but the biggest challenge is that you can't ask yourself who you are and why you are here)

All the answers may make sense when you know who you are

It complements the fugue and lack of objectivity are the two things that will reduce confidence in yourself and discover the intrinsic depth of yourself, but this requires perseverance, intelligence and mastery to contain the style of creativity and voluntary adjustment

Towards persistence and straying is expected if the depth of thinking is very deep, as you do not renew the satisfactory answer in a timely and appropriate manner and follow the method of the analytical approach, which brings results with different simultaneous dimensions

As for the lack of objectivity in it, it goes hand in hand with wandering, amazement, and a departure from the objective analytical text, or in other words, the lack of adaptation of the mind to the actual work.

And he tells (that the concept of the will in the soul not to be indifferent to small things may destroy glory) and he is moving forward

And now I am completely consistent with my approach to thinking and goals, intermediate between the past and the present, and persevering in achieving the future

He closes this page and says goodbye with a smile

He says I know very well that valuable things do not come suddenly, even the fruits we take from the trouble of this tree

It continues to stop and do nothing about it, it's like you're turning your back and trying to escape

And he says in the end, 

I have countless pages left, and each page carries meanings that express me and myself, and each of us has his own page, but there is no meaning for the page if it does not have a title.

It is better to choose the title before opening your next page, even if you realize that it is expensive


Abdallah Mohamed Adam is a writer of poetry and short plays.



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