The World Haters 

Aaron Dolezal
© Copyright 1999 by Aaron Dolezal 
Drawing of a pyramid with a treasure inside.

It was another normal day for the residents of Texas, Florida, and California. Just another day. The years have passed slowly without event but things have been happening. Being the American people that they are the people of these 3 states never noticed the strange people that watched them day and night, and the noises underground went unnoticed. The people were more concerned about themselves to notice. Others just dismissed the sounds as construction noises. The thought to themselves, Hey it’s a big city there always seems to be construction going on. They should have noticed the strange people watching them day and night on top of the buildings in the city. The sounds. They should have heard the sounds but they did not. If the people knew what was going on, it would have sent them into a panic frenzy, and they would have ran around the streets screaming like test rats pumped full of some kind of weird new drug. So, the sounds and the strange people went unnoticed until now…

Day 1: 8 A.M.

Everyone arrived at their office buildings of work as usual in Texas, Florida and California that morning. The strange people on top of the buildings were watching them still there. The strange people watched as a sea of businesses suits and dresses marched like ants into their places of work. The strange people smiled evilly like the devil himself. They signaled to the others, situated on top of the surrounding buildings. They knew it was time. The strange sounds underground had stopped. It was almost like the sounds were alive themselves, and during the night the cold, icy, hand of death closed around the sounds, and squeezed the life out of them. Now the tops of the buildings were void of the strange people because, they knew it was almost time for the fun to begin. Big Fun.

Day 2: 9 A.M.

Everyone was settled into his or her places of work again, and the usual morning traffic still clustered the street. It was very close to time for the fun to begin. The strange people were gone. Long Gone. They watched with interest, from their hidden control room in the Mountains of Europe. One of the strange people, taller than the others seemed to have a demeanor about him. He held a bright silver, remote control in his hands; he smiled, raising his finger over the blood red button on the remote control in his hands. The view screen the strange people were staring at, had a split screen view of Texas, California, and Florida. The strange people all smiled in unison again. They have no idea what is coming to them. The tall strange person pushed the button on the remote control. All at once, a wall of flame seemed to erupt from each of the state pictures on the screen. The tall strange person grinned, raising his fist to the view screen. “Yes, it is done.”

Day 3: 3 P.M.

It was gone all gone. Not one person or thing left standing. It was like looking out onto an empty, lifeless desert. The states of Texas, Florida and California were gone obliterated. The big lively city’s that once were. Were no more. An overhead shot of these three states looked like a ghost town with a bunch of rubble surrounding it. In any big disaster, there always seems to be a few survivors…

Day 4: 9 P.M.

Rubble, bodies, shrapnel, death strewn about everywhere was anything you could possibly imagine. In California, a S.W.A.T. team member of the California Police was on his way home from a long assignment in Iowa. John Emmest was looking forward to seeing his wife and kids after spending 2 weeks in Iowa. John has no idea the site that was about to meet his eyes in about 5 miles. John cranked up the radio as one of his favorite country songs came on the radio. John slowly glanced to his right as a green exit sign that seemed to wash all his worry’s away. “Exit: Sacramento, California three ¼ miles.” John mildly started to notice, that the traffic was really beginning to taper off, Strange. I thought it was a Monday today. Then John saw the site he did not want to see. Even the “Welcome to California” sign was nowhere to be seen. John screeched to a stop, got out of the car, eyes wide with fear and surprise. “My God, My God Ashley and the kids…” John hopped back into his car, driving into the city he used to know as California. Now it was nothing, nothing more than a speck on the map. He rounded a sharp corner, and another site met his eyes. His house was gone. John should not have been surprised the whole city was obliterated. John almost fell out of the car with grief and sadness. He fell to his knees on the blackened, charred ground his head in his hands tears clouded his vision. John looked up to the heavens, screaming “WHY? WHY? WHY ME AND NOT THEM?!?! WHY!!!!!???” John picked himself up, his eyes clouding with hate. When I find the psycho that did this…John went back to his car, emerging with a single rose he had bought for his wife. He gently placed it on top of a rubble pile near what were once his house and his life. That was gone now. Revenge. Revenge was the only thing on John’s mind. Speeding away from his house, John went to search for survivors…

Day 5: 7 A.M

John filled the void in his heart by concentrating on Revenge against whoever did this to his city night and day. John was driving up and down the streets aimlessly searching. Movement. John turned a sharp right toward where he saw the movement. It was not a survivor. It was 10 of the strange people all the same size, except for one that were taller than the others were. Must be the leader John thought. The 10 people were all wearing black shirts that had a picture of the earth on it with a big X through it. John was not afraid, after all he was a cop but something in him said he should be afraid, very afraid of these people.

“Who are you?” John screamed.

The leader of the strange people spoke in a raspy, tone that sounded like death itself. “It doesn’t matter who we are. You will never understand our purpose here. Nor will you live to tell about your meeting with us to anyone. We are not aliens. We are of this world”

John did not take his eyes off the strange people for one second. “Why did you do this?”

The leader smiled along with the rest. “One simple reason, hate. We hate this world and everything in it. So we are hear to cleanse the world and construct a new and better world. It will be a sight to see. Too bad you will not be here to witness it.” The leader pulled out a small pistol, pointing it straight at John.

John was petrified inside with fear. On the outside, he tensed up, readying for a fight. He had been though situations like this before but there were 10 of them and 1 of him.

“Soon a new and better world will be upon us.” The leader said.

“Your crazy, you know that freaking crazy”

The leader laughed, not moving the pistol an inch.

“Like I said you will never understand us and what we are about. Say goodbye to the world you once knew and will never know again.”

John looked upward to a dark blue, cloudless sky. Then, a shot rang out. And blackness. No One Knew. No one would ever know the strange people and what they did.

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