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Susan Bowmer
You Just Never Know
Grandpa Ray
I am a 54-year-old widow with one grown and one almost-grown daughter. Armed with a degree in journalism from Indiana University, I have spent the last 30 years scrimping from payday to payday, working whatever jobs appear to pay anything while writing, writing, writing! My jobs have included being a disc jockey, substitute teacher, secretary, waitress and news reporter.  I have three novels and two short stories making the rounds.
I am presently the editor of a small (16 page) weekly out of Altamont, TN, called The Front Page News. It is the antithesis of most newspapers in that we are long on opinion, short on objectivity, not afraid to discuss things not mentioned in polite society (no porn though!), and champion of the people who feel disenfranchised by society.

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