Country Hick

Stephanie Ray Brown

© Copyright 2001 by Stephanie Ray Brown

Drawing of a pyramid with a treasure inside.

Recently, we were admiring the wonderful displays in the westward travel exhibits under the famous arch at St. Louis.While we were admiring the covered wagons, my 5 year old daughter got my attention with the words "I need to go potty!"

(Doesn't that statement make most parents pay attention? How I pitied the parents and the long distances traveled in those covered wagons!)

Since this was the Fourth of July- the museum as well as the bathrooms were jammed packed. After Savannah crisscrossed her legs a few times- we finally got a stall. After we finished our business(sorry--as nice as I know to type it!)- we had a problem. The toilet could not be flushed!

I searched for buttons- or handles-everywhere. On the side. On the top. Behind the toilet. And even on the floor.There was none to be found! So I stuck my head out- and tried to whisper as I told our problem to the bathroom attendant. A small chuckle escaped her lips before she told us that it would flush if we would step out of the stall. After my daughter and I stepped out, the toilet noisily flushed- but was not loud enough to drown out one person saying- "Must be a hick!"

My daughter -who can tune me out the countless times I tell her it is time to come inside or to go to bed- decided to zero in on this particular comment. "Mom, what is hick?"- Savannah wanted
to know.

"Well,Savannah a hick is someone from the country." was my reply as I hesitated on finishing the rest of this word's definition for her.

Savannah interrupted, "So, Mama- that is a good thing--right?" as she stared at me with those huge innocent big browneyes. Looking at her with her sunstreaked hair pulled up in a ponytail held by a big white bow, wearing her favorite gingham short overalls and her least favorite things shoes- I had to smile and could only reply "Yes- it is a good thing to be a hick from the country!"

When we joined my husband as well as my inlaws, Savannah enjoyed telling everyone how this country hick did not know how to flush the toilet. Another precious story to add to our wonderful vacation memories. But like most vacations- I am always ready to go- but then am always ready to return home. Home to the country.

This country hick is truly like a duck out of the water in the big city- that's why I made my nest out in the country. The country--where I watch my daughter help my husband plant corn ( as I fall more deeply in love with both of them)--and climb with my 2 year old son so he can stand on top of our highest hills to say goodbye to the sun (as I can not help but notice the beauty of the skies is no match for his gorgeous blue eyes). There truly is no place like home. Especially back home to where toilets only flush if you make them.

Hope I made you smile-

Stephanie Ray Brown is proud to be a hick from Henderson, KY. She has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for 15 years. Stephanie writes ditties about her life so her children will know her as a person and not just as a mother. Stephanie gets tickled each and every time a story so near and dear her heart also touches another soul.

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