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Sara Etgen-Baker
The Familiar Stranger
The Stranger in the Box 
A Delicate Balance
Cutting the Umbilical Cord
A Book of Spells and Magical Enhancements
More Than Wrapping Paper and Colored Bows
Runt of the Litter
To Oz?  Yes, To Oz!
The Sticker Weed Incident
Journey With Mother
A Book of Spells and Magical Enchantments
Pixie Dust and Quilts
The Lampadedromia

Sara’s love for words began when her mother read the dictionary to her every night. A teacher’s unexpected whisper, “You’ve got writing talent,” ignited her writing desire. Although Sara ignored that whisper and pursued a different career, she eventually re-discovered her inner writer and began writing. Her manuscripts have been published in anthologies and magazines including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guideposts, Wisdom Has A Voice, Times They Were A Changing: Women Remember the 60s and 70s, Finding Mr. Right, and Table for Two. She’s currently working on her first novel, Dillehay Crossing. 

Sara enjoys her affiliation with and support she receives from Story Circle Network and The National League of American Pen Women. When not writing, she enjoys spending her time with her husband, Bill.

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