It's My Own Story

Praneetha Gutta

© Copyright 2018 by Praneetha Gutta

This is my own story, as the title suggests it is an autobiography. I haven’t included the real names because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I just want to give an introduction of the characters you might come across.

Swara Gadodia - our lead female protagonist.

Sanskar Maheshwari – our lead male protagonist.

Laksh – Swara’s crush and relative.

Shekar Gadodia – Swara’s father.

Sharmishta(shortly known as Shomi) – Swara’s mother.

Ria, Ana, Maya, Geetha – Swara’s B-Tech friends.

Sam, Ananaya, Ragini, Maggie – Swara’s school friends.

Krish- Sanskar’s friend.

Adarsh – Sanskar’s elder brother.

Pari – Adarsh’s wife.

Arjun – Sanskar’s second elder brother.

Neha – Swara’s childhood friend.

The story is all about me, my schooling and my graduation where I only highlighted the main scenes of my love life. I couldn’t elaborate because of word limit. There might be some characters which come and go in between as per requirement. Hope you enjoy reading.

Shekhar is so tensed standing outside the ICU room waiting for the doctor to come out. He is pacing up and down the place. Finally his wait is over. The bulb near the ICU has changed from red to green. The doctor came out.

Shekhar: Doctor!! How is my wife?

Doctor: Congratulations Mr. Gadodia you are blessed with a baby girl and both mother and baby are safe.

Shekhar: Thank you doctor. Can I see them?

Doctor: Ya sure. It might take some time for Sharmista to gain her conscious.

Shekhar enters the room and goes near his wife and daughter and kisses them both on the forehead and sits there beside his daughter. The baby girl who is awake now is playing in the air, laughing. She is so bubbly and charming. As they are all fond of music they named the girl as "SWARA".

When Swara was born, Shekhar is a private employee and Shomi is a house wife. Swara started going to school. Initially, she didn't like school and used to make excuses for bunking school. But later on she made many friends and started enjoying it. In her 5th standard she changed her school.

Swara just now joined into a new school. She is very excited to meet new friends.


Shomi: Swara, evening I will come to pick you up. If you have any problem, inform your teacher. Okay?

Swara waved goodbye to her mom and entered into school. She didn't get her uniform yet. So, she is wearing an orange top with a three fourth trouser. As usual she is dashing and beautiful. As soon as she entered her classroom all eyes were on her scanning the new girl. She is in 6th D section. Swara silently went and sat near a girl on the bench. She introduced herself and the other girl told her name as Bindu. Everyone in the class is so friendly except one boy. As Swara is talkative she made friends easily. Within 2 weeks, she had a gang of 5 people of course all girls. All was well. She somehow picked up all the subjects of her new school. Then in 7th standard, there was shuffling of classes. Unfortunately except Swara all her friends remained in D section. But she was promoted to B section. She was so sad and even cried but later on got adjusted to the new environment.

Swara's aunt marriage

Swara along with her cousins is in her aunt's house. There was lot of shouting going on between the elders. As Swara's aunt loved a guy whom their families are not agreeing upon. After lot of drama, they agreed unwillingly. Soon everything was settled. On engagement day, everyone got ready and Swara wore a peach color gagra.

Swara is serving in the engagement ceremony which is taking place in their house. Swara was surprised to see the same boy of her class who is very reserved in the function. His name is Lucky. He is the relative of her aunt's husband. They both just smiled at each other. Later her aunt's marriage also completed.

In school

Swara had by now made new friends whom she thought to be her best friends. They used to live near her house. Their names are Ragini, Sam, Ananya and Maggie. All these five used to hang out and have fun together. As Swara is hot and friendly, most of the boys are behind her attracted by her beauty but without knowing, Swara felt attracted to Lucky. As they have entered into their teenage, it is quite common to feel attracted towards opposite gender. One day all these five girls are having a night out in Swara's house. Her parents were sleeping but girls were all awake speaking their interesting topic that is boys. Though Swara is talkative she is innocent. She used to just listen her friends talk.

Sam: Girls, I think I am in love.

Swara: What?? (Other three girls say "wow Sam who is that lucky guy?")

Sam: He is our senior Manish. (Sam starts blushing)

Other three: cool Sam. He is so handsome. Most of the senior girls proposed him but he rejected. Maybe he is searching for a girl like you. (Sam keeps on blushing).

Anu (short for Ananya): Girls you know I got lot of proposals and I am confused on whom to accept.

Sam(laughing): Anu, Sai is now in 10th class and he will leave next year so why can't you accept him for this year?

Swara: Sam, are you gone mad? What is this accepting for one year? It is not a game. Please girls stop all this.

Maggie: Shut up Swara. Girls, I too like one of our senior. He is in the same class as Manish. His name is Vamsi. I am thinking to propose him.

Ragini: Great. So, everyone has thought of a boy friend then.

Maggie: Ya, except you and Swara

Ragini: If Swara doesn't have any problem, I already thought of one guy.

Swara: What? Why will I have problem?

Ragini: Because I wanted to have Lucky as my boy friend.

All of them at once say "oh my god"

Ragini: What happened??

Sam: Let Swara have him as her first choice. If he rejects her then you can go for him. What say Swara??

Swara: You are disgusting guys. I am sleeping. Good night.

Everyone laugh and say good night kiddo.

But Swara is not getting sleep. She is confused whether she is happy or angry, happy because she too liked lucky and angry because Ragini too is attracted towards Lucky. With all these mixed thoughts, she finally managed to sleep.

One day, without saying to Swara, Sam and Anu went to Lucky and told him that Swara loves him.

Lucky: What?? Are you kidding?? She is not such girl. I can't believe you.

Sam: Ok fine. Tomorrow she herself will tell you.

Lucky: Girls, She is very sweet and innocent please don't drag her into such things.

Anu: Wait till she confesses it to you.

Sam and Anu tell this to Swara and Swara shouts on them.

Swara: Are you guys mad or what?? I told you he is my relative. What if he tells his parents and if my father gets to know about this. He will kill me.

Sam: Relax Swara. He is not a kid to say everything to his parents. We will talk to him tomorrow and you are going to confess your love to him.

Swara: Hello, who told you that I love him?

Anu: Swara if you want to be with us, you need to do this. You can't blame us before Lucky saying that we are lying.

Swara: But Anu....

Anu cuts her in between saying that buses are leaving and we should get in.

Swara is silent all the way to her house. She is worried on meeting Lucky tomorrow.

Swara woke up early morning remembering all that had happened yesterday. She is so scared to go to school. But she has no other go because she has an exam today which she can't miss. So she got ready and came into hall to be greeted by her parents.

Shomi: Good morning Swara.

Swara: Good morning ma, good morning dad.

Shekar(looking up from the newspaper): Good morning Swara.

Swara somehow finishes her breakfast and leaves the house to the bus stop to catch her school bus.

Anu, Swara, Maggie and Ragini all are in the same bus stop as they all live nearby. 

Anu: Hello Swara, so are you ready?

Swara feels tensed and put up an innocent face saying "for what??"

Anu: You don't remember, today you are going to meet your first crush and confess to him.

Swara: Anu please, leave this. I don't want to do anything of that sort. I am happy like this only. Please.

Anu: I don't know anything you are telling him today that's it.

Swara is in deep thought because she doesn't want to do it. But she is not willing to leave her friends also. She was praying that Lucky will understand her and not make this into a big issue.

Finally in between her prayers, Lucky came in front of her accompanied by Sam. He was looking at Swara as he wanted her confirmation. Swara slowly looked up at him.

Swara: It's true.

Lucky: What is true??

Swara(little scared moves back): What my friends told you yesterday is true.

Lucky: really??

Swara nods her head in agreement closing her eyes. After sometime she slowly opens her eyes to see Lucky gone from there. All her friends were staring at her disappointed and worried. But one girl was very happy that is none other than Ragini. She felt now she had chance. She was blushing inside. Swara was feeling sad because all her reputation is spoiled in front of Lucky because he had not expected this from her. She decided to talk to him as soon as possible. Soon this news has spread across the school as Swara is very popular. Some felt shocked, some believed and some ignored. But most of them started teasing her with his name. And day by day she is not at all feeling like going to school because of all this drama. So, she thought it is better to concentrate on studies and also got addicted to Television. Along with her father she used to watch every cricket match, and slowly became fan of M S Dhoni. She adored him as an elder brother. Swara from her childhood wanted an elder brother but to her worst luck she has no one even in her cousins. And in school no one wanted to be her brother. On every Rakshbandan she used to feel like one day she would definitely have a brother and tie rakhi to his hand.

On September 5th, as it was teacher’s day, all the 10th class girls had to wear saree and go to school to teach their juniors just for fun. That day Swara has worn a green saree leaving her hair. She was looking too gorgeous for any boy to take his eyes off her. And Lucky was no exception. He was making all excuses to come into the class in which she was there just to see her. And of course Swara was enjoying it.

Finally Swara completes her intermediate being as a second topper in her whole college and getting a seat in one of the reputed engineering colleges. In intermediate she had again 5 girls group. They used to find time to have fun in the middle of their stressful study hours. Swara liked her 4 friends because they were not like her school friends who always used to taunt her. But these friends are so sweet and always supported her. Even after intermediate they decided to stay in touch. Swara along with one of her best friends Neetha joined in the same college for doing their graduation but in 2 different branches.

Swara now joined her Engineering in one of the most reputed colleges and today is her first day. She is tensed because she heard that until fresher’s party there would be seniors ragging juniors. Not that she is scared but she is a bit worried that how will she handle it. After her intermediate she stopped thinking about Lucky because she has no hope. They have met in few functions but it was just hi and bye nothing more than that. So she started feeling it to be a mere teenage attraction and started getting over him.

Now Swara got ready. Shekhar took her to the bus stop. She is very excited. 

First day in the college 

Swara entered into the college. As most of her cousins studied in the same college she already heard a lot from them. Similar to her imagination, the college was very big with a large basketball ground, cricket ground and many other sports facilities. She liked playing Badminton and caroms. On the other side there are many trees which looked beautiful and made the college cooler and shady. There is a canteen which sells all junk food and also fruit juices. Swara was disappointed because her favorite chicken is not sold there. Only vegetarian food is sold in the canteen. Then she saw there were 4 buildings for various branches. She joined in Computer science. She went to her class which is on third floor. On first day there were faculties everywhere so there was no much ragging.

But on the second day seniors made Swara write many assignments as her handwriting is good and gave her various tasks like singing, proposing to a boy etc. But seeing her cute innocent face they didn't give her hard tasks. Initially Swara's favorite place to escape ragging was library. But once even in library around 6 seniors had made her do various tasks for 45 minutes. Swara also enjoyed all these little things because her seniors were not harsh. She started liking her college, her new friends and her class. After school she became shy and now she hardly speaks to boys. So she had 2 girlfriends Riya and Ana. These three used to sit together and go together wherever they went. They became very close within few days. In bus she also had her inter friends so she got used to the new surroundings easily. Swara in her first year is a very studious girl, attended her classes regularly and returned home directly after college. If her classes got completed early she used to go to either library or sports complex and spend some time either reading a novel or playing caroms with her class mates. Swara being a fan of MSD she never missed a match even when she is in class she used to see the updates in her mobile phone which was gifted by her father on deepavali in her first year of B-Tech. Her first bunk was on December 31st as whole class thought to go for an outing nearby just to keep it as a memory. And to bunk the classes and go out of the college they had to jump over a wall and walk through the trees to reach a gate which is unlocked. It is difficult for the short girls to climb the wall. Somehow all her friends made it. But Swara was trying hard to climb the wall but couldn't make it. Suddenly she felt someones hands on her waist and she being lifted up and placed on the wall. She turned to see who is that?

Swara: How dare you to touch me??

Boy: What did I do? I just helped you. You should thank me instead you are shouting on me.

Swara: If you wanted to help me you could have done in other ways not like this. (Swara puts an angry face which makes her look cute and the boy keeps staring her cute puppy face for some time).

"Sanskar Swara come fast, we have to walk a long distance to reach the gate." called their friends who already started walking through the trees.

Boy (comes out of the trance): Ok fine I could only think of this at that moment. Sorry if you felt it wrong. Swara, if you forgave me shall we join our friends?

Swara: okay Sanskar. Sorry and thanks I only overreacted. Let’s go.

They joined their friends and carefully came out of the gate and they went to nearby park and enjoyed a lot. In the park all these 17 or 18 year old girls and boys became kindergarten kids playing in sand, climbing slides and all other games which are there in the park. They took lot of pictures together and then in the evening everyone left to their respective houses.

In the same class of Swara, There is our hero Sanskar. Love and first sight didn't happen for them. One year passed they hardly spoke with one another. Swara continued to be a topper here also. So she became famous both for her looks as well as marks. Scoring 90% in B-tech is not that easy. Swara knows Sanskar has a crush on Kavitha. She heard it as only one sided that only Sanskar likes her and yet not confessed it to her. Her friends introduced Kavitha to her and she found her so sweet and hot. Sanskar is not very famous in the college in the first year. 

After some days its Ria's birthday. Swara made a greeting card for her. Everyone attended Ria's birthday party and they are about to leave.

Sanskar: Swara today I feel like going for a walk. Will you join me?? I had eaten a lot you know. (He tells this putting his hand on his tummy).

Swara(smiles): Hmm. ok fine. Let's go.

They both say bye to Ria and their friends and started walking in the moonlight. It is a winter night. There are not too many people on the roads. The atmosphere is so romantic. Cool breeze is coming from the trees nearby. Swara is enjoying it a lot.

Swara: Sanskar you know what, moon is my best friend. He always listens to me without getting bored. I share everything with him.

Sanskar looks at her and smiles for her childish behavior.

Sanskar: So he talks with you (asks Sanskar with fake surprise in his face)

Swara: Ha.

Sanskar: Then from next time whenever I miss you I will say your friend to convey my message to you. (He blurts out and then bites his tongue).

Swara: Sanskar you do miss me?? (She asks little bit surprised)

Sanskar(tries to change the topic): Ah!! Sometimes you know when there is no one to buck buck in front of me.( he shrugs his shoulders)

Swara beats him with her little hands and says "Sanskar you are really bad"

Swara: Do you have any siblings??

Sanskar: Ha 2 elder brothers. One is getting married soon. My dad is always busy with his business. So he hardly has time for us. So we three are very close and of course we fight a lot too.  (He tells the last statement smiling and turns towards Swara who is looking towards him with her puppy eyes).

Swara: Sanskar you are so lucky. You have 2 brothers. I don't even have one (she puts a sad face and continues) I don't even have a cousin brother. All of them are sisters. In college also no one wants to be my brother. (Sanskar fears that she might cry now and tried to cheer her up)

Sanskar: Of course Swara who wants to become a brother to such a beautiful girl. You only think.

Swara: Sanskar very funny(she make faces).

Sanskar: Let's do one thing. Take my second brother. Anyhow I like my first brother more so you can take him.

Swara: How can I take your brother? You are so silly.

Sanskar: I mean feel them like they are your brothers’ of course not me please. Soon I will introduce them to you. For now you should leave. We reached your house.

Swara: Oh My God!! I walked all this way. Sanskar I don't even know the time and place when I am with you. (She says this in a hurry) Ok bye!! (But suddenly she calls Sanskar "hey how did you know my home?")

He just winks at her and leaves from there. Swara thinks she should find out later and forgets about it.

On December 31st night, at exact 12 she thought to wish Sanskar as it is his birthday on January 1st. She calls him but gets a busy tone from the other side. At last, when she tried for the fifth time, she could hear Sanskar’s voice.

Swara: Many many happy returns of the day Sanskar. You know how much I tried to call you but…(she was almost crying)

Sanskar: Thank you so much Swara. You don't know how eagerly I was waiting for your call. Actually I thought of calling you by myself but then it would be funny you know to call and ask for my birthday wishes myself so I was waiting and also happy new-year my dear.

Swara(smiles): Happy new year Sanskar. I thought of wishing you first but...

Sanskar: That's why I told I would come there near your house, and then you could have wished me directly.

Swara: Sanskar, at this point of time if we meet, it won't be correct. Leave it; you enjoy your celebrations we will meet tomorrow. I am getting sleep. Good night.

Sanskar: Good night. Take care. Sweet dreams.

Next day, at 11 in the night he went out taking his sports bike. He went directly to Swara's house and called her. Swara is sleeping and she picks up the call half asleep.

Swara: Hello!!(She says sleepily).

Sanskar: Get up sleeping beauty and come out.

Swara gets up with a shock and asks what??

Sanskar: I am in front of your apartment. Come down fast.

Swara: Are you mad? Is this the time to come? No I am not going to meet you now. Go back silently.

Sanskar: Okay!! I am coming up. Either you come down or I will come and ring the calling bell. Choice is yours.

Swara: Sanskar please. We will meet tomorrow morning. Everyone is sleeping. How can I come out?

Sanskar: I should change you a lot. I am waiting Swara. Be here within 5 minutes. Bye!!(He cuts the call)

Swara: Sanskar!! (She sighs, slowly walks out from her room, passing her parents room where she peeps in to see they are sleeping peacefully, she slowly opens the main door and locks it from outside without making much noise. And goes down)

Swara: What is this Sanskar? For the first time because of you I did something without telling my parents.huh??(She makes a pout and turns her face)

Sanskar laughs: Swara, today is my birthday and everything should happen according to my wish right? (He asks like a kid and Swara nods in yes reluctantly). So, let's go have an ice cream.

Swara: Now, I don't think there will be any shops open at this point of time.

Sanskar: I know one shop where I regularly eat. Let's go.

Sanskar starts the bike and Swara sits back holding his shoulder. Swara always wanted to go out at night for a bike ride to feel the cool breeze and enjoy the peaceful surroundings but never dared to ask her father to take her out. But now she is enjoying it with Sanskar. He stops at a small shop and bought two chocolate ice creams, which is their favorite. They had it very happily. After finishing..

Sanskar: Swara, Now its 11:58 wish me. (Swara is confused). Swara you couldn't wish me first right. But you will be the one wishing me the last. And these would be the best wishes I had ever got. (After hearing this, Swara hugs him and says many many happy returns of the day Sanskar. Hope we will be like this forever)

Sanskar: Like this means hugging you Swara forever. I don't mind actually.(He tells this teasing her) 

Swara breaks the hug and beats him in a friendly way: Like this means be happy forever.

They both talk for some time and then Sanskar drops Swara at her house and while going

Sanskar: Swara, get habituated to night rides, because you are going to have more.

Swara: No way (but somewhere in her heart she wanted more. Sanskar winks at her and says good night and rode off. Swara goes to bed thinking all about that night and she dozes off). 

This year Swara, Sanskar, Krish, Maya,Ria and Geetha decided to go to the resort to have some fun. As it is 15 km from their place and it would be fun to go together, all of them decided to book a mini bus. They started their journey and spent all the time singing and playing various games. They reached there in an hour as there was no traffic. They went in and got settled in respective rooms. After freshens up, they came out and spend their time taking pictures, playing fun games like dumb charades and so on. Finally it was lunch time; they all had their lunch and went outside to see the resort. 

After dinner they called it a day and left to their rooms. Swara with Maya is sharing one room and our Sanskar and Krish in one room. After changing into night clothes, Maya fell on the bed and went to sleep as soon as she hits the pillow. But Swara is not getting sleep. She keeps staring out of the window for some time and looks down near the swimming pool. There she sees Sanskar sitting alone keeping his legs into the pool. She goes down towards the pool.

Swara: Sanskar, What are you doing here at this point of time?

Sanskar: Hey Swara, nothing I was not getting sleep, so just came here to pass the time.

Swara: Come on, join the club. I was also not getting sleep. (She comes and sits beside Sanskar).

Sanskar: Well Swara, now that we are best friends, why can't you tell me about your childhood?

Swara smiles and starts telling all about her schooling, her friends and about Lucky(though she doesn't tell his name). After about half n hour, she asks Sanskar to tell about his life. Of course as usual Sanskar narrates his story very well, It is full of pranks and all the naughty things he did in his school to irritate his teachers and friends. Unlike Swara, He has got few best friends who are really reliable. 

Sanskar: So Swara, you want to do a job after B-tech?

Swara: No, I am planning to do my masters abroad. I am even thinking to complete my PHD over there itself. What about you?

Sanskar: Not thought that much. (His mood changes after hearing that Swara will leave him after a year or so)

They both fell silent and finally Swara tells good night and leaves to her room. Soon she fell asleep. But on the other side Sanskar is feeling pain deep inside his heart and just keep staring outside the window from his room whole night thinking deeply. (He talks to himself "what happened to him? Why is he disturbed on hearing that Swara will go abroad?").  

He stays like that all night. Krish woke up in the morning when the sun rays fell onto his face from the open window. He slowly opens his eyes and sees Sanskar sitting on a chair near the window.

Krish: Good morning Sanky. You got up so early.(He walks towards Sanskar as there is no reply from him). Sanskar, is everything alright? You look as if you haven't slept whole night. Is there any problem?

Sanskar: Nothing bro. We have to get ready; we are leaving this morning from here.

Everyone gets ready and go to their homes in a mini bus after having breakfast in the resort.

As the semester came to an end, they had holidays and here Sanskar started missing Swara from the first day itself. He decided to meet her and went to her house. Standing near the apartment, he called her.

Sanskar: Swara, I want to eat golgappa.

Swara: For that why do you need my permission? Go and have it.

Sanskar: I want to have it with you. Come down I am waiting.

Swara: What??(She goes into the balcony only to find Sanskar grinning widely and waving at her). Sanskar, I am not coming.

Sanskar: Please Swara... Please(he requests her like a kid and of course how could she reject it. She goes down, they have golgappa and have a short walk talking casually). The day ended and Sanskar calls Krish next morning.

Sanskar: Krish, I want your help bro, I am missing Swara a lot and I want an excuse to meet her today. Can you suggest me some?

Krish: What is there in that bro? I am coming wait.

Both of them reach Swara's house and Krish calls Swara.

Krish: Swara, come down, let's have golgappa.(Just then he receives a punch from Sanskar “I have already used this, Think different").

Swara goes down and invites them to come into their house.  It is the first time that Krish came inside her house. They greeted her mom and sat for some time. Later she took them upstairs onto the terrace. Just after few minutes, it started raining heavily. Krish ran downstairs. When Swara was about to leave Sanskar holds her hand.

Sanskar: Let's stay for some time Swara. I like rain.

Swara: If you get drenched you will catch cold Sanskar, let's go (She tries to take him down but he protests. They both stay there getting all wet and share a cute eye lock).

It is disturbed by Swara's mom. She calls them down and gives a towel each to both and gives a small scolding and she leaves. They dry up and go join Krish. They eat hot pakoda’s made by Swara's mother. Later they both leave bidding bye to Swara. 

Sanskar: Go home and think of some nice excuse for tomorrow. (He chuckles and leaves to his house).

As it is a vacation, their friends decided to go for a picnic. All of them reached the venue which is very beautiful with greenery and is also very pleasant. They all sat there, talked for a lot of time, played some simple games. While returning back, they were walking to the bus stop nearby. Suddenly, a dog came near them barking and Swara hugs Sanskar instantly because she is so scared of dogs. 

Sanskar(caresses her back): Swara, It's ok. It left. Relax. Just open your eyes.

Swara slowly lifts her head and sees her surroundings. When she felt it is safe, she breaks the hug and move apart. By now everyone was laughing. They again resumed walking. Boys are walking in front while girls behind them. Maya pulls Swara towards her.

Maya: What's the matter? Are you both hiding something from us?

Swara: No, why are you asking like that?

Maya: Listen, We all know that Sanskar loves you. What about you?

Swara: Who told you that? He likes Kavitha not me.

Maya: He stopped seeing her in second year itself, when he got to know her real character. Now, he is dreaming only about you. The way he cares for you and the way he tries to be with you all the time, by this anyone can tell that he loves you. Didn't you recognize it? Now, tell me what do you think about him? We have been seeing you both together and everyone feels that you both would make a very good couple. So, Think about it.  

Swara doesn't reply. She is in deep thought. Her mind and heart are making her more confused. All the way to their houses, she doesn't utter a word lost in her own world. Sanskar does notice it and thought to talk with her later. After going home, Swara wanted to find out what Maya said is correct or not. So she texted him.

Swara: Hi, Sanskar. Reached home?

Sanskar: Hello Swara, ya just now. So, Did you enjoy today?

Swara: Ya, go freshen up. I want to talk to you something.

Sanskar: Okay.

Finally, Sanskar freshen up and came back, all the while he was thinking about what Swara will ask but he couldn't get it.  So, he texted her and got an instant reply as if she was waiting for his message only.

Sanskar: I am back.

Swara: Sanskar!! I want very genuine answer from you for this question. Sanskar, what are we? I mean just friends. (Her heart starts beating fast. It is not even coming as Sanskar is typing. Her mind is full of thoughts. "Is she thinking too much? What if he breaks their friendship? Oh my god! Why did she ask this question?" All these questions are ringing in her head but yet no reply.)

Sanskar: Swara, it actually depends on both of us and what we are thinking. If I ask you the same question, tell me what will be your answer?

Swara: Well I have to go have my dinner. Talk to you later.

Sanskar: hmmm.

Swara's eyes are filled with water. She doesn’t know why she started crying. After sometime, her mind started asking her heart many questions "Why do you like him?" She is again thinking and then another question "Wait!! Do you actually love him?" She closes her eyes and catches her head with her hands. Then some memories of her childhood started flashing in front of her. She sees one boy around the age of 10 or 11, is asking for help. Automatically tears start flowing from her eyes. She understands why she loves Sanskar so much. Then her lips curve into a small smile. She wipes her tears and goes to bed.  

Sanskar decides that today he has to confess his feelings to her. So with lot of effort he gets ready. "I know Sanskar, you are handsome. Of course she is not a girl who could fall for outer looks. But you should make her understand what she means to you. Now, go and propose her. All the best" all this Sanskar thinks to himself. And then after rehearsing what he wants to say, he leaves to Swara's house. Swara's sleep is disturbed by her phone ringing. She slowly picked the phone and saw Sanskar calling. She lifts the call worried that why he had called so early in the morning. 

Swara: Sanskar!! Is everything ok? It is not even 6 in the morning. What happened?

Sanskar: Swara relax. I am fine. Just come down. I want to do jogging with you.

Swara: Now Sanskar. We can go afterwards. I am very sleepy.

Sanskar: Come on Swara don’t be sleepy head.

Swara: You are so....

Sanskar: I know I am smart. Now hurry up. We are running out of time.

Without arguing much Swara comes down in her tracksuit. She is so beautiful and Sanskar is lost in her making her blush.

They both went to nearby park and started jogging. After 5 rounds Swara started panting and she sat on a bench followed by Sanskar. Now, he decides to confess his feelings. Sanskar holds her two hands in his.

Sanskar: Swara, I don't know how you will react after me telling you this. But I could say if you react positively, then I would be the luckiest person in this world. You know what Swara, every long lost road, led me to where you are; others who broke my heart, they were like northern stars, guiding me on my way, into your loving arms, this much I know is true. God bless the broken road that led me straight to you. I never felt like this for anyone like I feel for you, not even for Kavitha. Trust me Swara, I will never let your trust on me broken down and always be with you as your smile. I promise. I LOVE YOU MY LIFE. I know no boy would propose a girl so badly. But what to do even I have practiced a lot but not even one catchy line is coming into my mind now. What to do your presence makes me forget everything. I am really glad that you came into my life and I want you to be with me till my last breath. Will you accept this cute little boy Swara?

All this while Swara is feeling very happy, she wanted to confess her love but he himself made this moment special and she could no longer control her happy tears. Seeing them Sanskar got panicked as of why she is crying. 

Sanskar: Swara, you are crying, I am so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. Please Swara, even if you don't like me its ok. Please don't cry. I can't see you crying. Please Swara (saying this he catches his ears)

Swara beats on his shoulder: Idiot!! These are happy tears.

Sanskar: Oh!! What? That means you also...... Yippee!! (He lifts her and twirls her round. When he keeps her down, still his hands on her waist, she puts her hands around his neck and by looking into his eyes, she says “I LOVE YOU TOO SANSKAR”. They share a cute eye lock and Sanskar leans forward to kiss her, but at that time Swara turns her face intentionally, he lands his kiss on her cheek. Sanskar keeps a fake sad face.)

Sanskar: Swara.......

Swara: Ha Sanskar. What happened?

Sanskar: Why did you turn your face?

Swara: Because my new boyfriend is forgetting his manners. (She release herself from his grip and started walking.)

Sanskar: This is not fair. (He makes a cute pout).

She smiles at him and sits on the cliff pulling him beside her. She entwines her fingers with him and places her head on his shoulder. 

Swara: Sanskar.. I don't know what made your way towards me but I have a strong reason to fall for you. I understood that yesterday itself. In my childhood I was very eager to go to my village because there is my aunt's son with whom hours used to be minutes. We did have so many memories in the childhood. He always used to tease me but never let anyone say anything against me. Though everyone thought that he irritates me but I used to enjoy it very much. But on one bad day, I lost him. He went so far from me that I couldn't reach him.(While saying these last lines Sanskar could feel her voice shaking. He pressed her hand assuring her that no matter what he won't leave her. She tightens her grip on his hand too and continues). That day as usual we went to the fields with our grandfather. As we both were playing with a ball in the empty space there, he went to do some work. Because of my overthrow, the ball went and fell far away. He went in that direction telling me not to go anywhere. But then after 5 minutes I heard him shouting for help. I ran in that direction and saw that he fell into a river which is having a strong current and he is not able to fight it back. There is no one in sight. So I ran to find my grandfather but......(tears flowing continuously from both of their eyes) I was late Sanskar. I lost him. It was all my fault. If I would have not thrown the ball that way or if I would have brought him help soon, he would be with us now.

By now she is completely broken down and it is very painful for him to see her in this state. He hugs her tightly and rubs her back to calm down. " Shhhh, don't cry, you were a kid that time. You did try what all you could do. It's not your fault dear. Please don't cry."

Swara calms down: You know what Sanskar, I have never been so close or friendly with anyone so easily. It took lot of time for me but with you it was different. I always felt safe and secure with you. I couldn't understand why. But yesterday after thinking I got all answers to my questions. You resembled him, not in looks but in behavior. Just like how he used to care for me, support me, tease me, you did the same. I could see him in you. Don't take me wrong Sanskar that I love you because I see someone else in you. It's just that his resemblance in you made it easy for me to fall for you. I feel you are sent by him to me in order to make me feel happy.

Sanskar smiles at her: I am very lucky to have you by my side. And never feel that you are responsible for his death. I am glad that I could make you remember your sweet memories. But please never ever feel guilty. Even he won't be happy seeing you like that.

Swara nods and hugs him tightly: Thank you Sanskar. You are the best gift given by god to me. I Love you so much. Never leave me.

Sanskar: Don't worry Swara, Even if you ask me to leave you then also I will not.

They both spend some time together and leave to their homes. 

Swara reaches her house at around 8 in the morning. Her parents are shocked seeing her awake so early and more shocked to find her in her tracksuit because she is not an early riser and that too not at the time of holidays.

It is final year, so placements are going to start and everyone is so tensed. Sanskar is going to join his father's company, so he is not attending placements. Swara cracked the first interview and she got a job with a very good package. Sanskar is waiting for her outside. She comes and hugs him with full excitement. He finds it very hard to balance but somehow manages not to fall with the help of the wall.

Swara: Sanskar!! I got the job. I got my first job. Yippee. (She is jumping like she is mad; finally she stops when she is tired. This time Sanskar gives her chocolate and she takes it happily). Sanskar, you already bought the chocolate. How come you are so sure that I will get this job?

Sanskar(pulls her cheeks as she is so cute eating the chocolate): No company would leave such a brilliant student like you Swara. I have full confidence in you.

Swara calls her parents and friends to share this news while Sanskar is driving her home. Sanskar is so happy for Swara. At night during dinner

Shekar: Swara I am so happy that you got a job, now you focus on the examinations that are required for going to abroad to do masters. Job will be your backup if you couldn't go to abroad. 

Swara: Okay dad.

Shekhar: Here, this is Laksh's phone number. He already started his preparations so he could guide you if you need any help. Just be in touch with him. (Saying this he completes his dinner and leaves from there.)

After hearing Lucky's name Swara's heart skipped a beat. Now again she had to face him. Why god? Now only I am thinking that everything is fine but now. Having no other go she texted him.

Swara: Hello Laksh. This is Swara.

Lucky: Hey Swara, how are you?

Swara: I am fine. How about you?

Lucky: Cool, It's been long time since we met.

Swara: Actually, dad has given your number and had told me to ask you regarding higher studies.

Lucky: Ya uncle had already talked with me about that. I will send you all the material required for preparation and if you have any doubt you can ping me anytime. I don't mind.

Swara: Well thank you. That's so nice of you.

Lucky: It's my pleasure dear.

Swara: Laksh, It's getting late for me. I have to go to college. Talk to you later. Bye.

Laksh: Ya bye. Have a good day.

Swara: You too.

Swara reaches college and finds Sanskar sitting on his bike sulking. 

Swara: What happened Mr. Maheshwari. Why are you so sad?

Sanskar: Swara, I don't know what is the enmity between god and me. He always troubles me.

 Swara laughs: What happened now? Did you ask him for something and he said no?

Sanskar: Last month it was your cousin sister’s marriage and next week it's my elder brother's marriage and this time I have to go to village leaving you. (He keeps his face as if he is going to cry any minute).

Swara: Wow Sanskar, Brother is going to get married, I am so excited. Show me bride’s photo.

Sanskar shook’s his head: Go Swara, here I am worried that how will I be without seeing you for ten days, but you only want to know about bride (he puts a cute pout, Swara pulls his cheeks)

Swara: Ha show please. (He shows her and she exclaims). Wow Sanskar, She is so beautiful. They look too good together. 

Sanskar: ha Swara. They are fine. Think about me also sometimes. (He turns his face)

Swara: Sanskar, I know you would miss me. Even I will miss you. But brother's marriage is also important. Don't worry you will have lot of fun. 

Sanskar gives a smile but it doesn't reach his eyes. "Okay fine, I will call you daily in the morning and evening. Then you won't miss me much. Is that ok?" says Swara. Sanskar nods and side hugs her. They both go to their class.

Sanskar's brother's marriage was done very nicely that everyone returned back after completing all the rituals. Next day Swara was very excited as she is going to meet Sanskar. She woke up, got ready and she herself is shocked because she never saw in the mirror before these many times as she is seeing today. Though Sanskar compliments her however she is, but she wants to look beautiful only for him. So, she wore his beautiful color blue dress and with little makeup, she went downstairs and is shocked to see Lucky in her house. As soon as she came to hall, 

Shekhar: Swara, see who came to our house?

Swara: Hi Laksh. Mom I am going to college. Bye!!

Shomi: Swara, you didn't have breakfast. Have it and go.

Swara: Ma, I am getting late. I will eat in the canteen.

Shekhar: Nothing happens if you go to college late for one day. Today we have guest. So stay at home for some time. Come Laksh, we will have breakfast together.

Laksh: Ha uncle. Swara, don't worry, after breakfast I will drop you at the college.

Before Swara could reject, Shekar: That's so nice of you.

Without having any other option, she sits at the dining table for breakfast, but all her concentration is on her phone as she is chatting with Sanskar and he is getting desperate because she is not turning up. She sends sorry messages. Finally Swara is sitting in the car with Lucky and he is driving her to her college. They randomly speak something until they reach the main door and Swara shows her ID card through the window and they allow the car inside. In the parking lot Swara gets down from the car and her eyes are searching for Sanskar. Sanskar saw her and comes towards her with a bright smile but he goes and hugs Laksh. Swara got confused and she is staring at them.

Sanskar: Hey Lucky, What a surprise bro?

Lucky: Ha Sanky, we are meeting after a long time. You are also studying in the same college?

Sanskar: Ya, I and Swara are classmates. But How come you both came in the same car?

Swara: Sanskar, we are school friends.

Lucky: And also....

Swara(interrupts): He is also my cousin.

Lucky: What!! I am not your brother.

Swara: I mean he is my relative. So, today morning he came to my house and as I was getting late he just dropped me here. 

Laksh: Ya, I was going that way and I thought I will visit you guys once, so I stopped at your house.

Swara: That's so nice of you Laksh, thanks for dropping but now we are getting late for our class. So, bye!!

Laksh:Ya, Swara Bye! Take care. And Sanskar, stay in touch bro.

Sanskar: Sure Bye!!

So, they leave to their class.

Swara: How do you both know each other?

Sanskar: My dad and Lucky's dad are business partners and when we were young he used to come to our house for playing with me. Now a days, we meet very rarely in few business meetings. That's it.

Swara: Oh!!(Now she is in deep thought. Though she told Sanskar about her crush in school days, she hadn't told his name that is none other than Lucky. Should she tell him? Is it that important? How will he react after knowing it? Ofoo Swara what are you thinking Lucky is your past but Sanskar is your future. He will surely trust you. So don't worry. To break her thoughts, professor entered the class and everyone started paying attention to him or at least they are acting that they are listening to the class).

Soon there are only 2 days left for Swara's birthday and Sanskar is planning a surprise for her with the help of Maya. Near Swara, he is acting as if he doesn't mind.

Swara: Sanskar, you know day after tomorrow it's my birthday, I am so excited. It is my first birthday after we are in this relationship. Let's celebrate it well because it is very special. 

Sanskar(in mind): She is really mad, Here I am planning a surprise for her. But she herself is jumping saying it is her birthday. Don't know when she will grow up.

Sanskar(just to tease her): So what Swara, It's just a birthday, you will get it every year. So don't need to be so much excited. 

Swara's face fell: you are so mean Sanskar. Go. I won't talk to you.

Sanskar: I was just kidding, we will celebrate ok.

Swara(smiles): Ha.. (She keeps blabbering that she will wear this; she will do this and that) 

Sanskar just sits there and admire his lady love who is no less than a kid but he loves this kiddo and her childish behavior. 

Soon, the day for which Swara is eagerly waiting had arrived and she didn't sleep the previous night until Sanskar wishes her. At 12 in the night, after Shekhar and Shomi wished her, she answered Sanskar's call.

Sanskar: Many many happy returns of the day my sweetie...

Swara: Where is my gift?

Sanskar: Aha, no thank you, direct gift ah?

Swara: Ha, What is my gift?

Sanskar: I am there; you want something else also as gift.

Swara: Sanskar....

Sanskar: Swara

Swara: Ok bye. I am getting sleep. Good night. (she tells making faces which Sanskar is imagining and smiling to himself).

Sanskar: Swara listen tomorrow morning there is a very important meeting in our office and dad had asked me to attend it as all the board members must be present for it. It will be for around 3 hours.

Swara: It's ok Sanskar. We will meet in the evening. You attend the meeting, I don't mind.

Sanskar: I know Swara. You are so sweet. I love you. Good night.

Swara(blushes hearing those 3 magical words): Good night Sanskar.

Sanskar cuts the call smiling and they both sleep with each other thoughts.  In the morning Swara goes to temple and take blessings. She wears a green top.

All the morning she is waiting for it become evening, so that she can meet Sanskar. For lunch Shomi makes all Swara's favorite dishes and she haves them very happily and kisses Shomi on her cheek saying "Thank you maa". She gets a call from Sanskar.

Sanskar: Hii Sweety. Waiting for my call? 

Swara: Did you complete your work? Where will we meet and at what time?

Sanskar: Ha dear. Meeting is over. I am going to home now. I will come to your house at 5 to pick you up.

Swara: Why 5? We will meet at 4 only. 

Sanskar: No Swara, at 5 only you will get your surprise.

Swara: Really Sanskar? What is the surprise? Tell me please.

Sanskar(catches his head): Swara, if I tell you before itself then how will it be surprise. So be ready at 5, I will pick you up. 

Swara: I am already ready and I am waiting for you Sanskar. Come fast (she pleads and he melts but now he can't do anything because he planned everything at 5 which can't be changed)

Sanskar: Ha I will come soon; you take rest and sleep for some time. Yesterday you slept late. I want my princess to feel fresh and active.

Swara: Okay. Come fast. Bye.

She cuts the call and as she has nothing to do she dozes off. There Sanskar makes few calls to ensure that everything will be right for his princess. He goes to the best bakery and orders her favorite chocolate cake. At 4:30 he starts to pick Swara and reaches her house in 15 minutes. Here our sleeping beauty is still sleeping. He goes inside. 

Sanskar: Namaste aunty. Swara..

Shomi: Sanskar, she is still sleeping. Wait I will wake her up.

Here Swara after hearing Sanskar’s voice, she woke up, jumped from the bed and ran into the washroom. She washes her face and does little makeup and leave downstairs. 

Sanskar: You are so beautiful Swara. (She just looks down blushing) Aunty, I am taking Swara out for her birthday celebrations. We will be returning soon. Don't worry I will drop her.

Shomi: Okay. Take care and come back quickly.

They both say bye and leave from there in Sanskar's car to where Swara's surprise is waiting.

Finally, they reach their destination. It is Swara's favorite restaurant where she comes regularly. Both of them get down from the car and Sanskar opens back door to get the cake out which he collected on his way to Swara's house. In they went and Sanskar led her to a room which is specially booked for special occasions. As soon as she enter inside the room, all her friends shouted at the same time "Happy birthday Swara" and she was so overwhelmed to see all of them. But what surprised her most is the person in front of her smiling looking at her. Swara with water in her eyes goes and hugs her.

Swara: Neha, I missed you so much. (She was now crying hugging her).

Neha: I missed you too my cry baby.

Swara(breaks the hug): Hey Don't call me that.

Neha(shows her tongue): That is my wish. I will call you whatever I want Miss Cry Baby.(Swara was about to say something) I should say you are so lucky to have a handsome boyfriend like Sanskar.

Swara blushes: How do you know about him?

Neha: You should thank god that I am leaving you even after you have hided this from me. Your boyfriend called me and asked me to come here all the way from Bangalore just because it is your birthday.

Swara: Oh come on Neha it's just you travelled few kilometers, you are reacting as if my Sanskar made you travel from USA.

Neha: Oho "My Sanskar". Very possessive ah. Nice Sanskar, you changed my cry baby to blush baby.

Swara hits Neha's shoulder and they both hug each other. Then they hear "Hello, We are also there here." Swara turns back to see Sanskar's brother Adarsh and his wife Pari. She goes and takes blessings from Adarsh and hugs Pari. They both wish her and give her gifts.

Sanskar: You are late bro and where is Arjun?

Adarsh: There is lot of work in the office Sanskar, and you know your brother is workaholic; he doesn't leave his work incomplete. So, he didn't come.

Sanskar: Oh ok fine. Swara, come cut the cake.

He places the cake with the magic candle on the table. She cut the cake when everyone sang happy birthday song to her. She put the first piece to Sanskar and then Neha and to everyone. Finally they ordered their favorite food. After sometime, everyone started leaving. Swara, Sanskar and Neha went to Sanskar's car. He puts all the gifts backside and came near Swara.

Sanskar: Swara, this is a small gift for you.

Swara took it happily and opened it there itself. She was so happy to see the gift. It is a scrap book which consists of all their memories from the day they met. It was a 50 pages book filled with many pictures and messages only of Swasan. She felt very happy and hugged Sanskar with happy tears. About 5 minutes they are like that only forgetting poor Neha.

Neha: Ahem..Ahem... please I am a small girl; I don't even have a boyfriend. 

Swara breaks the hug: Who asked you to see? Close your eyes (saying this she kiss on Sanskar's cheek and come and sits in the car beside driving seat)

Sanskar smiles and takes his seat while Neha sits in the back. He starts the car.

Swara: Thanks devil for coming. Till now my life was so peaceful but now I don't know what will happen.

Neha: That you should tell to Sanskar. If he would have not called me so many times requesting me to come and you know he talked with my parents and also booked the tickets, so I had no other go. I felt why to disappoint this cute little boy, so only I came. Don't think I came for you. Huh??

Swara: Sanskar, Why you did all this? It would have been fine even if...

Sanskar(interrupts): Swara, you told me many times that how you celebrated your birthday in your childhood and Neha was always there with you. And you also told me that you miss her a lot after she left to Bangalore with her parents when you were in 5th class right?("Yes" say both Neha and Swara with teary eyes) I thought as today is very special, I got her here. But you know what, now I think that is my biggest mistake, from when you both met, you are just fighting and teasing each other. Are you friends or enemies?

Swara & Neha: We are sisters (and they both hug each other laughing).

Neha: We both are like this only from the childhood. We don't know why, we like to share our love by teasing and irritating each other.

Sanskar: Oh great irritating sisters.

Both of them hit on Sanskar's shoulder and he shouts in pain. Swara looks worried and scolds Neha for which now Sanskar and Neha laughs. Their entire journey was like that only with so much fun. After reaching Swara's house, Neha ran inside because she is meeting Shomi and Shekar after so many days. They both see her as their daughter itself. Now Swara and Sanskar are left alone.

Swara: Thank you so much Sanskar, I could say this is one of the best birthdays I had in my life. Thank you so much for getting all my special people at one place making this day more special.

Sanskar(cups her face): I told you that between us no sorry no thank you.

They talk for some time and then Shomi comes out: Sanskar, why are you standing here? Come in have dinner.

Sanskar: No aunty, Mom would have already prepared dinner for me, I will leave. Thank you. (Taking blessings from Shomi he leaves in his car saying bye to everyone.)

As days passed by Laksh got to know that Swara and Sanskar are in love and he thought not to go in between but some where he is having a little hope that Swara might forget Sanskar after going abroad for her studies and then he might have a chance. So he tries his best to spend time with Swara and be good to Sanskar. Swara also told Sanskar that Laksh was her childhood crush. She thought Sanskar would be angry on her but his reaction made her very happy and proud of her choice.

All the three completed B-tech and are now in vacation.

Hello everyone, I am Praneetha but I would like to be recognized with my pen name Praahi. I just completed my engineering from the branch of computer science. But writing is my passion. So, I thought to write about my own life mostly about my love life. As it is an Autobiography, I could only write it till my present condition. I don’t know what will happen in my future. I have to hope that it would give me happiness. Hope it won’t be boring. As I am a normal human being, there are lots of scenes in the story which might be experienced by all of you. So, do let me know your views.

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