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Patricia M. Snell

Traveling in Canada and to the Moon
64 Years, 8 Months, and 15 Days
You Know You've Been A Substitute Teacher Too Long When..
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Country Dad, City Daughter
Unasked Questions

My life work turned out to be a 13 year long career as an elementary school teacher and an even longer stint as a substitute teacher.  As of this writing, May 2015, I'm finishing my 28th year as a substitute teacher.  My goal is to work for two more years and retire after an even 30 years. So, my grand total of working as a teacher will be 43 years.

My husband and I are empty nesters now. It’s just the two of us and the snakes. When I’m not busy avoiding snakes, I like to read and write. I have been published in Reminisce Magazine and in Ranger Rick Magazine

When I am old (who am I kidding, that time has arrived) I hope someone will take the time to ask me questions about my life. My retired husband and I grow even older here by the shore of Lake Ontario.
I wrote about my struggles to adjust to country living in a story entitled, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, which can be found in the story collection of The Preservation Foundation. I also wrote about my employment that brought me from the city to the country in a book that was published by The Preservation Foundation. The book is called, Substitute Teacher Domain: Enter at Your Own Risk.

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