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Born May 24, 1925 in Crookston, Minnesota, I lived in North Dakota until age 10 when my family moved to WA state during the depression years.  I graduated from Langley H.S. in June of 1943, the peak of WWII.  I then attended WSC for one year, when I heard of the Cadet Nurse Corps.  I joined that program, enrolling at Swedish Hospital and the University of Washington and graduated in 1947 as a registered nurse.

In 1943 I met Thayne Parks, a sailor from Kansas.  We married in 1947 and both attended the U of W, eventually receiving B.S. degrees.  We settled in Everett, WA, where we raised two boys and a girl.  Thayne taught biology at the Everett Community College, and I worked at the Snohomish Health District as a Public Health Nurse.

Retiring at age 66, I spend the next few years traveling, then settled into a senior writing class and wrote and printed three books about different aspects of my life.

Marion was ninety-two last month, still driving to her Friday morning creative writing group and sharing wonderful stuff, both memoir and flights of fancy such as this, that she has written over the years.

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