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Marian Robertson
An Airplane Ride Without Clothes
Ten Days To St. Petersburg

Marian Robertson has put in her first few incarnations, all in this lifetime.  Born a blue baby, she entered a life of moving, twenty-nine times that she remembers, living in seven states, and going to school in five school systems; three marriages, each of which gave her a different life enriching blessing; two children, who are not criminals; all contributed to the richness of a well seasoned life.  Going through life haphazardly doing what needed to be done at the time, she has enjoyed employment all the way from waiting tables to being a criminal investigator specializing in sexual assaults, mostly on children.

Mariane has found herself falling into travels she could not have planned if she had thought to.  Ready at the drop of a hat to go somewhere, anywhere, she has managed to do just that. Retired, except for when she’s at home for the summer, she lives in Eastern Colorado with her husband who indulges her need to write most of her waking hours.  She indulges his need to go south for the winter, as long as she gets to take her computer.

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