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For Linda Hoagland

The Day Of Crying
Watch Out For Eddy
The Shopping Trip
The Ladder

I have worked most of my adult life in various jobs from bar tending to clerical duties. Four of my short stories have appeared in the Bluestone Review.  I have written three short items that have appeared in McCall’s.  My short story “Yellow Tongues” was published in the 2004 Dan River Anthology.   I have had one poem published entitled “The Guiding Hand”.  Also, In December 2003 New England Writers Network (NEWN) published my short nonfiction article entitled “Papaw’s Waiting”.   I have recently been added to the Writers in Virginia Directory that can be located at Two of my stories appeared in CMR (Clinch Mountain Review) in August 2004 and “Learning To Hate” will appear in The Pedestal’s political anthology in October 2004.

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