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Linda A. Dougherty

Cats and Cars
Don't Drink The Koolaid

Once Upon A Mountain
Don't Say England and Camp in the Same Sentence
Humor Is The Best Medicine
The Kangaroo and the Pocket

Long ago I taught art, then moved to Morocco with my husband and young children for eight years. Currently, I use my teaching, art and writing skills to adapt materials and create social stories for the autistic spectrum and other special needs students I work with as an aide. My goal is to retire and write and illustrate my way into old age.

I am currently working as a special needs aid in a local public middle school and loving it. Former art teacher who loves to write and illustrate although right now, most of my writing is adapting materials for our most challenged students. Retirement…cannot imagine it. I am having too much fun.

Linda writes, illustrates books and just has fun creating whenever she has the time. Most of my writing is children’s stories; many of them written and illustrated specifically for children of good friends. "I write for my own pleasure and create for the pleasure of others. I live with my stinky-foot husband (read the story), four cats, two dogs and for now, the son in the story

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