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For Lance Mason
The Train to Harare
Under Siege
Tango of Death

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Raised in rural California, now a New Zealand resident, Mason has taught at UCLA, Brazil's National University in Natal, and Otago University in New Zealand. His fiction and nonfiction have won more than a dozen honors and awards, including a scholarship to the Vermont College of Fine Arts. New Zealand is the setting for some of his long and short works.
Mason has spent forty years exploring, living, and working abroad, including a half dozen round-the-world trips by foot, bicycle, motorcycle, kayak, helicopter, tramp steamer, catamaran, plane, train, and dugout canoe. In 2007, he and his team set an age-group record in an annual US coast-to-coast cycling race, a record still held today. Rugby, cycle-racing, live theater, wine, and fishing have all interfered at times with his writing life. He can be seen taking himself too seriously at

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