Story List and Biography
Kathryn Lynch
D. B.
Screams in the Night
The Man in the Old Blue Truck
Frankenstein Monsters
Raccoon Poop
Rest In Pieces
Cheese Box Killer
The Ice Cream Truck
Stupid Old Lady
We Don't Allow No Dopers
The Resurrection of Palley
Second Job
Pickle Girl
The Haircut

Kathryn graduated from Marquette University, taught elementary school for 16 years, going to night law school for the last 4 of those years.  She earned a law degree from the University of San Francisco, practiced law for five years in California and 18 years in Alaska, retired, previously corralled imagination unleashed in the quiet hours, began to write short stories just for fun. 

Kathryn is eighty-years-old and lives in Crescent City, California.  

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