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Ivory Swan  
Sorry I Was Tardy, Jack Finney

Prince Monk 

Pandora's Rumpy Riser

Tomorrow, Santa Will Come

Jill's Humans

Twilight Cactus

Home Again

The Twenty-Five Dollar Miracle

Day Trip to Bryant

Your Government at Work

Milly Dearest

Autumn Leaves

Keane Eyes

Photo of a blue bell.  Copyright (c) 2003 by Richard Loller.

Judith Nakken was raised on the South Dakota prairie in the 1940’s and ‘50’s (see her newly-published prize-winning memoir, Confessions of a Martian Schoolgirl.) She pursued a career in accounting and finance after receiving a few rejection slips in the late 1950’s and didn’t write for publication until she retired to the incomparable Tulalip Indian Reservation in NW Washington State at Y2K.

Judith credits her Storyhouse publications early in the new millennium as the impetus that fueled her writing frenzy. She now has five published books, has won a couple of small prizes and this nearly-major one for Martian Schoolgirl, (click here to buy it at Amazon) and paraphrases Robert Frost when she states “I have reams to write before I sleep.” Her website sometimes works (there’s no such thing as a free lunch, she reminds us!) and is

Judith lives on Tulalip with her soul mate, Dale, and an assortment of eccentric felines.

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