Ultimate Violation

Jacquline Musgrave

© Copyright 2021 by Jacquline Musgrave

Photo of a frightened girl.

  The following is a 100% true story that happened to me my freshman year in college. I never even knew this was possible, let alone capable of happening to me. My intentions of telling the story now is that as things get weirder in our world, this story might save at least one person and if so, it is worth sharing. I have not told many people because I know how it sounds. I swear on my life, 100% true.       

  Sometimes, people tell stories for shock value, or to get attention or get notoriety and how I wish that were the case with me. The truth is, I would give anything if I could tell you that what happened to me wasn't real. I mean that, because then it would mean that   this kind of thing couldn't happen to people. I will warn you now, if you are sensitive to scary things, this is scary. Absolutely terrifying. But it is real, I promise you. Strangely it happened in broad daylight, it only happened once, and since it happened I have heard of the same thing happening to 2 other random people. Stay with me here.

    Ok, small backstory. I was on a fast pitch softball full scholarship in Yuma, Az. I was not on any substances, as I was an athlete and besides, this occurred around 11:30am after two morning classes. I was raised mildly Christian. We didn't go to church, but I had the basics. Mom always taught me in her Oklahoma twang," Now if you ever feel in danger, you just say "Satan I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ." She made me say it over and over, for whatever reason. I was about 6 then. Fast forward 12 years, I live in a dormitory with a roommate who was injured so I had the room to myself. I came back from class, and usually, I went to lunch with a group of 5 girls but they had 3rd hour and I didn't. Usually, I would do homework during this time, but on this day, I took a nap.  

     I was in a deep sleep and was awakened by someone shaking my bed back and forth. I absolutely, without exception expected someone to be standing there when I turned over. There was nobody. And you know how when you first wake up, your eyes open, you process your surroundings, then you react. So I laid there for a sec while it shook. No one was there. Knowing what I sensed, I had trouble believing it was in my head, but with no reasonable explanation, I said maybe you were dreaming. I did not believe this, but I closed my eyes as if to go back to sleep, and as soon as I did the bed started shaking again, and felt a presence. In my mind I got as far as Satan I rebuke you…."  and I felt something enter in through the top of my head and I, my soul, ran from it downwards is the best way I can describe it. It was like diving in water to escape a big shark, fear entrenched, moving for your life and some beast right on your tail. Then the noise- the "thing" SCREAMED at me in a vile putrid disgusting computerized sounding synthetic type nasally non-human voice. It was a foreign language, I did not understand it. Still moving from this thing, in my soul I screamed out for Jesus, to witness what had happened, to see my body being breached, to rescue me and the being just then was forced back out through the top of my head. It was then that I found the location of where our souls reside as mine took its place back behind my ribcage, nestled by my heart. I was hyper alert at this point. My body, twisted and contorted on my bed, my breathing heavy and labored I jumped up, looked under the bed, ( like I could see it, right?) And I yelled at it and told it it couldn't have me. Then I went to the pay phone in the hallway and called my Mom- utterly terrified

   300 miles away in Phoenix, my mom felt something happen to me. I said,

 " Mom?" 

" Jakki? What the hell just happened to you?"

" I don't know Mom, something bad happened to me!"

" I had this vision of you being possessed. What are you doing?" 

" Nothing Mom! I am scared! Something entered my body! It screamed at me!"

 " What did it say?"

 " I couldn't understand it's language"

"You need to go to a church and be blessed as soon as possible. You are under conviction." 

" Ok" I started to cry.

" Don't cry baby, it's over now. Call me back."

     I sat in the hall and waited for my friends to get there. I had only known these girls 3 months and they all believed me and they sprung into action. One grabbed a chain from her room, one grabbed a cross, one cleaned out her van and the other one asked me questions. "Tell me what it sounded like." When I imitated how it sounded, I almost threw up- I sounded just like it. She told me it spoke through me and she wondered if the girls across the hall heard anything. 

    She knocked on their door and they spoke Spanish. My friend did as well, and I heard my friend getting upset. " Jakki come look at this." As I approached, I saw a girl in a black robe, and a pentagram drawn on the floor with candles at each point. I freaked out a little bit, the girls said they thought they had heard something, but I couldn't be sure it was related. I felt that I needed to do what my Mom said I went to the church and I got blessed. The pastor asked me if I was on drugs. I told him no, that I was on a $40,000 college scholarship and I did not do drugs. He looked intently at all of us and then prayed for me. I did not feel any different. He gave me Holy Water.

    Back at my dorm room, I sprinkled the Holy water and prayed. 

   I still didn't feel any better, and I was afraid to go to sleep. My friend Heather came and sat with me while I slept and I got sleep paralysis so bad, I could not move at all. Only my eyes could move and I could hear that thing laughing at me for like 3 minutes. I fought it hard and finally broke free. I started crying and prayed but I felt  extremely alone and unheard, and I felt like if it happened again I might lose my mind in fear. It took me a long time, but I strengthened my faith and that was over 25 years ago. It never did happen again, but those 6 seconds changed me forever. I do not know that it was a demon. I do not know what it was but it was not human. Still, I never saw it. 

  Reflecting on this, it was perplexing to me.  For one, I was horrified that another being was able to penetrate the somewhat sacred vessel where my soul resides. It felt so violating and disgusting. I found out it is called "soul interchange " and it could answer a lot of questions about society today. Now, I am not saying that calling on Jesus is the only way to get one of these things to leave you, it just worked for me. If this had happened and I was too scared to do anything, who knows what might have happened but if this is happening to people who do not believe in anything,  it would explain some of these horrendous crimes we are seeing today.  Crimes where you ask yourself, " How can somebody do this to other people?" Maybe they look normal but inside it could be that they aren't actually people. I do feel that it is important that people be made aware of this considering I have no history of mental illness and have a fairly high I.Q. I know how it sounds, but this is completely real. Please, hold on tight to your soul and stay safe. 

Jacquline Musgrave is a freelance author who writes poetry and enters contests for fun. She lives in Peoria, Az with her husband, has 2 adult children and is currently being told what to do by her bossy Lhasa Apso.                                                                                         

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