Story List For Ellie S. Thomas

The Traveling Cat
The Greaser
The Mouse With Many Names
A New-Fangled Contraption
The 50 Cent Horse
On A Rainy Day
Life on the Mountain
The House That Crime Built
School Days, School Days
When Authur Was King
When The Russians Landed
Smoky Here, Smoky There
Smoky Strikes Again
Ramblin' Through Saranac
Alone, And on the Loneliest Road in America
The Business and Pleasure of Writing

Going For Leeks
Old Man River
A Fort Called Blunder
Destination: Adirondack Mountain
Our Penultimate Vacation
And So I Left Home
Lily of the Mohawks
AMTRAKING East to West
An Ending and a Beginning
Then, Too...
Seen From The Road
Binkie Saves The Day
A Manual for Surviving Life
August (excerpt from her book, Seen from the Road)
Ta Da: Look At Us!

Ellie Thomas enjoys writing and reading her stories to her grandchildren.  She lives in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York.

Ellie's new book, Seen from the Road is one of our Preservation Foundation paperbacks that we are proud to publish.  It's priced at a modest $6.50 and just reading it will help cool your brow and warm your heart.  You can read a sample and buy it at Amazon.

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