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An Ending and a Beginning

Ellie S. Thomas

Copyright © 2014 by Ellie S. Thomas

Photo of a woman alone on a bench.

A loved one was gone--been gone the past six weeks, two months, it makes no difference because six months later, we would inform people 'he's been gone six months ago today' but not really believing that. It's been a total disruption of our lives but its still us, to me. Good people and well-wishers tell us that 'its gonna fade and you will heal'. All true but they leave out the most vital issues of what it's like to lose your mate, your parent, your sibling....



2014 contest winning stories

General Nonfiction


Grandpa's Time Machine

Nancy Loera

© Copyright 2014 by Nancy Loera

                                                                        Click here...

Photo of a person fishing with a cane pole.



The Dog Who Would Rather Work Than Play

 Dick Miller   

© Copyright 2014 by Dick Miller 

                                                                        Click here...            

October 1, 2014. We were sad to learn of the recent death of Dick Miller. May his stories live on.    

Photo of Flo.

Honorable Mention
We Do Not Choose
Mental Illness and
We Do Not Choose Addiction

Sara Berelsman

© Copyright 2014 by  Sara Berelsman         
                                                                             Click here...


Image of a red button with HELP on it.


Sara Berelsman

© Copyright 2014 by  Sara Berelsman           

                                                                       Click here,,,


Photo of balloons rising above trees.

A Salute From The Black Aces

William Wayne Weems

© 2014 by William Wayne Weems
                                                                             Click here...


Photo of a school safety patrol badge.

Travel Stories


Jungle Cruise From Hell

A Funny Story About A Father’s Love

Frank Mann

© Copyright 2014 by Frank Mann

                               Click here...
Photo of a black jaguar at evening.


On the Trail of the Tyrant

Evan L. Balkan

© Copyright 2013 by Evan L. Balkan

                                         Click here...
Statue of Lope de Aguirre.

Honorable Mention

Finding Home

Celeste Leon 


© Copyright 2014 by Celeste Leon 

                     Click here...


Photo of  city hall of Maunabo.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles - And Chaos

Birgit Starmanns

© Copyright 2014 by Birgit Starmanns

                            Click here...

Photo of a crowd of people waiting to go through security check.

Selling Cabo San Lucas

Onie Grosshans

© Copyright 2014 by Onie Grosshans

                        Click here...
Photo of the word "Free" scratched on the beach.

To See The Queen

June Calender

© Copyright 2014 by June Calender

                               Click here...
Map showing Lo-Monthang.

Biographical Nonfiction


The Girl on the Cover of Seventeen

Carl Winderl

© Copyright 2014 by Carl Winderl

                   Click here...

Photo of the cover of the March, 1967, issue of Seventeen magazine.


Danger Man


Kay Harper 


© Copyright 2014 by Kay Harper
                      Click here...

Photo of a martini against Manhatten skyline.

Honorable Mention

Ebony and Ivory

Oh My Papa

Isabel Bearman Bucher 


© Copyright 2014 by Isabel Bearman Bucher 

                 Click here...

Photo of Isabel's Papa.

George Fisk Miller ~ April 17, 1902

Code 309.81

Melissa Cronin

© Copyright 2014 by Melissa Cronin
                        Click here...           

Painting of a road sign showing car going off cliff.


Isabel Bearman Bucher 


© Copyright 2014 by Isabel Bearman Bucher 

                           Click here...

Photo of a colombine in the wooes.

Elmer's Tune  

A Homage To My Father 

Richard Franklin Bishop


© Copyright 2014 by Richard Franklin  Bishop      

                                                                                       Click here...

Newspaper photo.

The Human Ladder

Robert D. Booth

© Copyright 2014 by Robert D. Booth

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Phto of hands clinging to rock wall.

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